Breaking News: Cleveland, Ohio

Written By: Alexys Davis

Breaking News!!

A Urban Crime happenbs on the streets of Cleveland, Ohio. Three men caught the criminal and claims he has been ruining thier garden. The criminal 4'8, with knife, steals a womans' purse, But thanks to these men, Amir, Curtis, and Royce, had saved the day. What brave men! Due to this, the Mayor will be rewarding these men and thier garden! This event takes place August 12, @ 3:30 to 8:30, in the Mayors garden. Be threr for these stunning men and gardeners! The Mayor will be sending out invitations to all the town on August 6.

Veggie-filled of Suprises!!

Dear Citizens of Cleveland,

You are invited to a very special event to repay these stunning men and hard working gardeners. Bring a special plant or flowers that describes you to represent the hard - working gardeners! They will all be planted the my garden! This event will take place on August 12, @ 3:30 to 8:30, in my garden!

Your Mayor, Frank Jackson

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