Counseling Notes

Mrs Cyndie Morris - October, 2013

Tips for Parents : Preparing for School Conferences

Before the Conference:
  • Be prepared - Ask your child how they think they're doing Academically & Socially. Find out what concerns they might have.
  • Make a list of questions & concerns
  • Be on time (Make sure you have childcare for siblings)

During the Conference:

  • Start the meeting in a positive way
  • Be an active listener
  • Expect to hear both positive & negative - The goal is to Problem Solve & Make Improvements
  • If the teacher says something you don't understand, ask for clarification
  • Stay Focused (Time is limited)
  • Don't waste time discussing issues the teacher can't change (Schedule a separate conference with the appropriate person to discuss concerns outside of the teacher's control)

After the Conference:

  • Thank the teacher for their time , efforts & attention
  • You should have a good idea of your child's progress. You should also have a good idea of activities & strategies you can implement at home to enhance skills being learned at school.
  • Take time to share with your child the information you received at the conference.

NED: Never Give Up, Encourage Others, Do Your Best

Several Forms & Information Sheets Available Outside the Counselor's Office

Forms include:
  • Food Backpack
  • Mentoring
  • Toys for Tots Applications

Information Sheets on the Following Topics:

  • AA Meeting Schedule
  • The Anxious Child
  • Bi-Polar Disorder
  • Bullying
  • Children & Grief
  • Children & Lying
  • Children Who Steal
  • Children's Threats: When Are They Serious
  • Choking Game
  • Conduct Disorder
  • Depressed Children
  • Discipline Strategies
  • Eating Disorders
  • Helping Teens Cope with Stress
  • If Your Child Doesn't Have Friends
  • Internet Safety
  • KIds Who Refuse to Go to School
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Normal Adolescent Development
  • Oppositional Defiant
  • Panic Disorder
  • Peer Conflict Strategies
  • Self Esteem
  • Self Image
  • Self Injury
  • Sexting
  • School Conference Tips
  • School Success Strategies
  • Sleep Problems
  • Study Skill Strategies
  • Teen Suicide
  • When to Seek Help for Your Child

PROJECT WILDFIRE CONCERT - Sunday, Nov. 3rd 2:00-9:00

This year's Project Wildfire Concert is being hosted by Bremen First United Methodist Church & will be held in Branham Hall. Youth Pastors are encouraged to bring their Youth Groups. The entire community is invited to join in a time of worship.

Benefitting “Caring Christmas Program”

Bring a new toy or clothing to donate

Worship Provided by:

1. Ben Horton Band

2. Victory Fellowship Worship Team

3. Mt Holly Youth Band

4. Builders None

5. Chapel Hill Transit Student Ministry Praise Band

6. Banner

7. New Revelation

8. JP Calhoun

9. Living Anthem

10. Chapel

Trent McClure will be sharing his testimony

PaPa Johns Pizza will be providing pizza for sale & will donate 50% of all proceeds

Character Education Trait for the Month is PEACE

Grapes remind me of PEACE because even though each Grape is an Individual, they are all able to live together in Clusters. That's the same way we should strive to be. We are each a unique individual...& our challenge is to learn to live with one another peacefully.

Remember: Whatever crop you want for yourself is the kind of seed you need to plant. Good seed produces a Good crop, & Bad seed produces a Bad crop. Make sure you only plant what you really want because you'll have to eat from your own garden the rest of your life.

Also remember: "You Can't Give What You Ain't Got!" So if you're having trouble sharing Love, or Joy, or Peace with others...Look at your own life's garden to make sure you have those fruits inside of you. How can you learn to Love yourself? What kinds of things bring you Joy? What brings you Peace?

If you take care of yourself to make sure you have Love, Joy & Peace in your own life, then you have enough to give to others. If we all do that, then each of us will end up with more than we would have had if we had lived alone.

Just like on an airplane in case of emergency...Or if you're trying to save someone from drowning..." Before you can help someone else you must first help yourself"...(If you don't know how to swim, you won't be able to help someone else who can't).

Preparing for Christmas - Local Resources

Caring Christmas

If you receive “Free lunch” or “FDC” you may be eligible for
assistance for your children’s Christmas. "Proof of Eligibility" forms will be sent home to all families who qualify when we return from Thanksgiving break.

After you receive your proof of eligibility you may call the first
United Methodist Church (Bremen) @ 770-537-4925 to
schedule an interview & application
If accepted, you will be
notified of the arrangements by FUMC, with a time to pick up
your gifts.

Please contact the church if you are interested in
sponsoring a child/children or would like to make a
donation to this worthy program.

Toys for Tots

Sponsored by the Marine Corp Reserves. If you do NOT qualify
for Caring Christmas, you may be eligible for Toys for Tots.

Applications are available outside the Counselor’s office. For
more information please contact Curtis Eidson @ 770-574-0558.

NEW toys can be donated in collection boxes in the hallways
here at school & throughout Haralson County.