Africa Physical Graphic features

finest places come on down

Red sea

I think that the red sea will please your vacation happiness. this sea has lots of.(well if you're in to fish).If you want to just tan while relax on your boat. the temperatures in the water can get hotter than 85 degrees Fahrenheit. So come on down to the red sea and have fun.

Mediterranean sea

Man this is a large inland sea. You can find all kinds of exotic fish.The location is between Asia Africa and Europe this is a great way to spend a summer.i know it is 965,000 sqf


This place speaks for has the most exotic wildlife,plants and u mightknow this is the location on which the Madagascar movie. This place lies east of africa and in the indian ocean there is not much economy but most of it is has a platuea and it is deforested

Sahara desert

This is the world's longest desert and the sand dunes are awesome. but most of the place is a stone desert. . the temperatures get hot just think. There are oasis with water and supplies to live but there is not a lot.So come on down to it and enjoy the heat