Huck Finn Project

By Drew Seefeldt

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Huck Finn goes on a wild adventure exploring, and learning what is to come on setting Jim free. Society tells Huck not to do this or treat this person differently because of there skin color, and Huck realizes what he truly believes, and what is right on his adventure.

The Raft

The raft in the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn showed the true moments when Huck, and Jim really started to connect as friends. The raft almost connected Huck, and Jim when they were lost in the fog trying to find Cairo, but when Huck thinks its all over he finds Jim, and is almost crying cause he missed Jim. The raft is when Huck, and Jim talked, and was being lazy because all they was each, and if they didn't have one another they would be lost in a heartbeat. Jim made a promise to Huck, that Huck was the only white person to ever keep a promise with Old Jim, and that moment right there really shows how generous Jim is to others. The raft has caused some problems like Huck letting the Duke, and the King come with so they wouldn't get caught. The raft was most definitely a game changer in the story.


Hucks Mini Adventures

Huck Finn throughout the story has encountered many situations were he could have slipped away from or change. Where it all began was Huck ran away from Pap. Then Huck running into Jim which really isn't getting into trouble. Or when Huck visits Mrs. Loftus and points out where the smoke is. And when Huck and Jim find the wrecked steamboat, and find three burglars inside. Or when Huck spends a couple of days with the Grangerfords, and between a dumb feud between two families fighting over nothing. Out of all these the most trouble he was apart of was with the Duke, and the King. Going with them to towns to con people for money seemed like any easy situation to just slip away. When the Duck, King pretend to be the Wilkes brothers just to get any easy six thousand dollars, and even more. The one that changed the story was when Huck pretended to be Tom just to save Jim, and drag Tom into it the plan to save Jim.
Count On Me - Bruno Mars Lyrics
This song describes Huck and Jims friendship perfectly cause when Jim is sold as a slave to the Phelps by the Duke. Huck goes into a mental lockdowns, and and tries to figure out if he should write a letter to Miss Watson or find Jim, and free him. Throughout the story Huck and Jim only have each other, and if they didn't have each other they would lost or dead. Because they living off one another dependence.