Reach for the Stars!

Noteworthy News for the Week of 12/2/19

Thank You!

Thank you all for taking the time to take part in Fall Conferences. It was such a pleasure to watch your children shine as they presented! I am so thankful for the opportunity to be the proud teacher of 20 exceptional children! I hope that you all had a memorable and enjoyable Thanksgiving!


This week we will conclude our ELA unit by comparing and contrasting three Alaskan mentor texts. We’ve been enthralled by these stories and feel as though we, too, have had an Arctic adventure! Later in the week students will show their understanding of the historical fiction genre by creating their own sequels to The Year of Miss Agnes. These performance based assessments are a way for students to show what they have learned as readers and authors! We then look forward to a nonfiction focus in which we’ll learn about various cultures and customs.


In grammar, conventions & vocabulary, we’ll be taking a close look at prefixes & suffixes, deepening our understanding of adverbs and revisiting coordinating conjunctions.


The students will work in pairs to solve a triple-digit subtraction story problem and share their strategies with the entire class. The mathematicians will explore the standard algorithm and practice using it to solve a variety of 3-digit subtraction problems. Students are encouraged to analyze subtraction problems prior to solving them in order to determine which strategies work best for each problem. We call the various strategies “flavors” in our class! In 3K we discuss the idea of using one "flavor" to solve, and another "flavor" to check our answers.

On Friday, the students will take part in a Bridges Unit #3-Multi-Digit Addition and Subtraction Post-Assessment. Over the course of the last month students have worked hard through in-class activities, small group opportunities, class forums, hands-on work places, team notes and forming anchor charts displaying visual strategies to help build their knowledge on the concepts covered in our third unit. Back by 3K popular demand is our Jeopardy review game! We can't wait to partake on Thursday! Our focus continues to be on helping students grow and learn, therefore we do not place a percent or “grade” on the assessments. We use these as a way to measure growth and an opportunity to reteach concepts & extend student learning. Students know that they are welcome to use resources such as their team notes (in their class notebooks) and any other previous in-class or homework assignments that they feel would be beneficial while taking the assessment. At the end of every unit, families will receive pre & post assessment scores, along with the Bridges mastery scale. Thank you so much for your support.

Our Place in the World (Social Studies)

In social studies your children are showing great understanding of our world and will soon be creating their own country! They'll be brainstorming with partners in order to develop a wonderful place to live...and be asked to design their own country map and flag, too! After our project, we’ll be exploring other forms of geography such as physical geography, climate, landforms and natural resources.

Family Photo!

We will soon be starting a very special holiday gift! At your convenience please either send in or email a family photo of your choice! We are hoping to have these by Wednesday, December 11th. Any photos sent in will be returned! Thank you!


Happy Birthday to Vanessa! We can't wait to celebrate YOU!

Panda Jar Celebration!

Our Panda Jar is almost full! The kiddos have voted on our next Panda Jar celebration....a mathternoon filled with fun math games & activities! Music to my ears knowing that is the student-selected goal that our entire class voted for! Looks like we'll need to start planning for an afternoon next week!

Winter MAP Testing

Students in District 112 will soon be taking the Winter MAP assessments. Third grade is scheduled to take the assessments in the afternoon on the following dates:

Tuesday December 10th-ELA

Friday, December 13th-Math

Moraine Township Santullano Gift Drive!

The third grade classes are sponsoring three children as part of the Moraine Township Santullano Gift Drive. This drive helps local families who cannot afford to buy gifts for their children. We have selected three children between eight and ten, so students can easily connect and relate to these children in need.

If you are able and interested in contributing money (no amount is too small) to help purchase gifts, please send in any cash donations. Please place any donations in an envelope with the word, Holiday, on it. In order to ensure time for shopping, the deadline is Friday, December 6th.

A special thanks to two parents from Mr. Seligman's room that have volunteered to purchase and wrap the gifts by Monday, December 9th. We appreciate your support in this special, festive, service learning project!

Big picture

Third Grade Sing!

Save the date for the 3rd grade sing! Our stars will truly shine during their music show, scheduled for Thursday, December 12th at 2:00 pm. Mrs. Polyack, our sensational music teacher, will be having students take part in a survey. All students were given the choice of whether they would like a speaking part in the upcoming performance. By tapping into the students’ comfort level and specific preferences, they all had both choice and voice in their involvement. This year we also look forward to sharing our music with the Auberge Memory Care Community on Thursday, December 19th! We will be heading over to this retirement home to present some of our upcoming skits and songs. We look forward to helping spread smiles in our community!

Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity Knocks (extra learning opportunities) are a hit! Kudos to the kiddos that opted to take part in this optional opportunity! Please remember that these activities are completely OPTIONAL. Students can access these opportunities on our Reach for the Stars Google Site! If your child is looking for something fun to do this weekend, these just may be the answer your looking for!

Thank You!

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, suggestions and feedback. I really appreciate your support!