Derek Jeter

By Favre Wimmer

Derek Jeter is famouse for playing shortstop for the Yankees
At Kalamazoo High School In Michagan Derek was named best player in the country
Derek played baseball all his life
Derek was known as Mr.November because he was the only player to hit a homerun on November 4,2001

Important people place and things

Derek Jeter's family encouraged him to never give up and try his hardest
The New York Yankees had Derek prove himself to see if he was ready for the big leaguses
His girlfriend is always there for him when he needs her. Like after the team loses she makes him feel better

Five interesting facts

He played t-ball and little league in 1986
In high school MLB scouts scouted him in 1994
He joined the New York Yankees as shortstop in 1996
He made his own foundation which helps young people live healthier lives (2001)
He also won the golden glove award five years in a row