Sigler Elementary Monday Memo

Week 13


Our theme at Sigler Elementary this year is "connecting". Each week we will capture images of our Sigler Community connecting in four vital areas; curriculum, community, students and staff. We will showcase the images below for all to enjoy and remind ourselves of the power of a connectivity!

Use the hashtag #siglerthanks all week on Facebook or Twitter to share what you are thankful for.

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Sigler Staff are "Paying It Forward" An excellent example of "connecting" as a staff

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AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination

Each week we are going to highlight an AVID strategy that you can incorporate into your routine in the classroom or parents can discuss with students at home.

The STAR Strategy

Use this note taking strategy to ensure students are getting the most out of their time in the classroom.

S - Set Up Notes

  • Write name, class and date in the upper right hand corner
  • Write title of notes in center
  • Location of resources is listed in left-hand corner

T - Take Notes

  • Write facts, details, explanations, definitions, etc...
  • Do not worry about spelling
  • Use abbreviations, pictures, drawings, graphs or pictographs
  • Skip a line to separate important pieces of information
  • Use dots, dashes, numbers, letters, needed
  • Use color to differentiate, provide focus or highlight key concepts

A - Add to Notes

  • Make additions, deletions or clarifications
  • Highlight or underline important points
  • Identify main ideas
  • Add symbols or pictures to enhance the notes
  • Add leveled questions that can be used during the review step to study from the notes and/or prepare for Socratic discussions

R - Review Notes

  • Review notes regularly; weekly and before an assessment
  • Cover the notes then either rewrite the notes from memory or review aloud
  • Reflect. Summarize then notes; relate the subject to yourself and your personal experience
  • Work with a study buddy whenever possible
  • Recopy notes for neatness and readability, if necessary.

For more information about this lesson, staff can find the AVID folder on the shared drive: Sigler: AVID

Week 13 Reminders

Monday, November 17th - Bring in a canned food item to support the Plano Santas this week.

  • 3 O'Clock Rocks Today After School - Parents must pick up students at 4PM

Tuesday, November 18th - Future's Day/College Day - Students and staff are encouraged to wear their favorite college shirt with jeans or dress up for the future they want to have every Tuesday at Sigler Elementary.

  • 3rd Grade Music Performance Dress Rehearsal - 8:15AM - All grade levels
  • Future's Day Guest Speaker - Plano Mayor - Harry LaRosiliere - 2PM - Gym - Grades 3rd-5th (Students need to bring a pencil)
  • Sigler Soccer Club Today After School - Parents must pick students up at 4PM
  • Coding Club Today After School - Library - Parents must pick students up at 4PM
  • 3rd Grade Music Performance/PTA Meeting - 6:30PM

Wednesday, November 19th - Team planning after school

  • Sigler Soccer Club Today After School - Parents must pick students up at 4PM

Thursday, November 20th - Tweet for Jeans is All Week Long!

  • Thursday Twitter Task - What are you or your class thankful for? As a small group, classroom or individual, tweet what you are thankful for each day this week and enjoy your jeans! Include the hashtag #siglerthanks so we can share what you are thankful for on announcements each day.
  • Nov. 20th - Lunch w/ Someone You Love
  • Professional Learning Communities Meet Today After School - PLC Meetings

Friday, November 21st - Wear Sigler Spirit Wear Today

Science Fair Countdown - 9 Weeks to Go

  • Kid Talks Today During Team Planning
  • Progress Reports Go Home - Grades 3rd-5th
  • Junior Self Manager Party - 2:00PM - Please meet in the cafeteria
  • Chess Club Today After School - Parents must pick students up at 4PM

Coming Up Next Week:

No School - Student/Teacher Holiday - November 24th - 28th - Happy Thanksgiving

3rd Grade Music Performance/PTA Meeting

Tuesday, Nov. 18th, 6:30pm

1400 Janwood Dr

Plano, TX

Families are invited to watch our 3rd graders perform.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Lunch with Someone You Love

Thursday, Nov. 20th, 10:30am

1400 Janwood Dr

Plano, TX

Information has been posted online and sent home for parents to RSVP for this special event. Lunch times will be slightly adjusted, so please plan accordingly.

All Pro Dad's Day

Friday, Dec. 12th, 7:15am

1400 Janwood Dr

Plano, TX

Come and enjoy breakfast with your son/daughter along with other families while spending time sharing how proud you are of your child or children. This will be our last All Pro Dad's day in 2014 so come and be a part of it and continue the momentum towards 2015.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Holiday Parties

Thursday, Dec. 18th, 1:45pm

1400 Janwood Dr

Plano, TX

Come and celebrate the holiday season with your son or daughter's classmates and the staff at Sigler Elementary.

Sigler Spirit Assembly

Friday, Dec. 19th, 8:30am

1400 Janwood Dr

Plano, TX

Come and celebrate the end of the 2nd nine weeks and show your Sigler spirit at our Spirit Assembly.