The Counselor's Corner

Katie Trueman (1st, 2nd & 5th Grades)

Novemeber 2013

Special Announcements

Backpack Buddies Food Drive

The Backpack Buddies Program at Ab Combs provides children from food-insecure homes with weekend meals during the school year. The children receive a backpack containing six balanced meals and two healthy snacks a the end of every week. We currently sponsor 11 children who receive backpacks full of food each week! Our annual food drive will benefit Combs students directly & the Interfaith Food Shuttle Backpack Buddies Program.

The food drive starts Monday, November 25th and runs through Friday, December 6th. Each classroom is challenged to collect 50 items of food!

Most needed items: Shelf Stable Milk and Canned Meat. Canned fruits, vegetables, noodles, cereal, 100% juice boxes & healthy snacks are also welcome. Items NOT to bring include pop-tarts, cookies, juice pouches, sugary cereals, candy, soft top applesauce/fruit/jello, and spam/Vienna sausage.

Thank you for helping Ab Combs & Interfaith Food Shuttle!

Volunteers: I would love to have a few parent volunteers / or responsible students to help fill backpacks of food each week. Please email me if you are interested.

We also need plastic grocery bags!

Angel Tree

Our "Family to Family Angel Tree" has become a holiday tradition. It has come to symbolize the spirit of the season and the nature of our Ab Combs Elementary School community.

We need volunteers who are willing to buy and wrap gifts for students in need. Each child will receive at least one need item (clothing-$25) and one wish item (toy-$25). We ask that you spend no more than $50 total per child. Sponspors will be assigned in November and all gifts are due on December 13th.

If you are interested in being a sponsor for one of our "angels," please email our Angel Tree Parent Volunteer, Ashley Ryden, at What a great way to give back during the holiday season! Questions? Email

Magnet & Application School Fair

When Sat, November 2, 9am – 12pm

Where Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School, 2600 Rock Quarry Rd. Raleigh, NC 27610 (map)

Description All magnet schools including early colleges, leadership academies, Partnership Elementary and the new CTE High School will be available to share information about their programs. Also get information on the application and selection process.

Parents, check out the following website for more magnet events!

Classroom Guidance

Classroom Guidance in 1st Grade

November is a fun month with Auto-B-Good Character Education Program!

This month I will be introducing the ideas of Obedience & Self-Control. In the Obedience lesson, students learn that it is important to follow rules and laws. In the Self-Control lesson, students learn that you are in charge of choosing the right thing to do. We will also practice our self-control & sharpening the saw with Classroom Yoga / Relaxation.

Classroom Guidance in 2nd Grade

Second Grade Teachers felt that my "big rocks" for classroom guidance this year should be centered around Emotion Management / Problem Solving, Character Education, Bullying Prevention & Friendship. This month, we are learning about Emotion Management & we will begin to explore how to calm down (be proactive) when we have strong & uncomfortable emotions. I will use Lego Build To Express to engage their learning. In addition, we will practice sharpening the saw with Classroom Yoga / Relaxation.

Classroom Guidance in 5th Grade

This month we will be revisiting Bullying Prevention. They will learn the 3 "R"s of Bullying: Recognize, Refuse & Report. They will understand the definition of bullying which is: Bullying is unfair and one-sided. It happens when someone keeps hurting, frightening, threatening, or leaving someone out on purpose. Students will get a chance to role-play many situations & how to react appropriately. For more information you can visit

November Classroom Guidance Schedule

1st & 2nd Grade Rotation (might change a little due to specialist schedule)
Nov 1 & 4 - Cline & Brown
Nov 5 & 6 - Campbell & Almond
Nov 7 & 12 - Catherwood & Alinaghi
Nov 13 & 15 - Rizzuto & Norman
Nov 18 & 19 - Randle & Little
Nov 21 & 22 - Kelley & Ivester
Nov 25 & 26 - Falkner & Burk

5th Grade

Nov 4 - Pinkney
Nov 8 - Boughton

Nov 15 - Weber

Nov 18 - Ferrell

Nov 22 - Horst

Nov 25 - Vick

Leadership Connection

The Habits that are represented in my lessons this month:

Being Proactive (Stop, Think & Do the Right Thing), Put First Things First (Work before Play)

Small Groups

1st Grade - School Success

2nd Grade - School Success

5th Grade (2 different groups) - All About Me / Self-Esteem

Lunch Bunch

What: What is lunch bunch? Lunch Bunch is an awesome time! Students can bring their lunch to the counselor's room to eat & make new friends.

When: Mondays for 5th Grade & Fridays for 2nd Grade.

Where: The counselor’s room, Room 120

How: Students can write their name on a sign-up sheet on the counselor’s door - students can sign up once a quarter.

About Me

My name is Katie Trueman and for as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a school counselor! I graduated from Marshall University (Huntington, WV) with a B.A. in Psychology. Then I pursued my dream to continue my education and received a M.A. in School Counseling. I am originally from WV and moved to Raleigh because of the excellent educational system. I began working at AB Combs in 2005. I acquired my National Boards of Professional Teaching Standards for school counseling in 2010. I am thrilled to be at a school that incorporates The Leader in Me and honors children! When I’m not working with children, I love hiking with my husband & two cute kids, yoga, cooking Italian meals and exploring NC with my sweet family & friends.