K5C Friday Features

Weekly Update September 18

Language Arts News

This week we have discussed our mail system and how mail delivery today is much faster than when they used the pony express and steam engines.

If your child does not recognize all of the alphabet letters, both upper and lower case, please focus on alphabet recognition during reading practice at home.

I will be including “review ideas” from time to time to give you some tips to help your student. Review of service words, phonics stories and readers a few nights a week is helpful!

Letter & Sound Recognition this week: H, h, W, w

Letter and Sound Recognition Review this week: I, I, S, s, T, t, N, n

Service words this week: the, mother

Phonics Stories this week: Hit It! And In the Box

Reading Book: Grandpa’s Bible

In the Friday folder you will find: service word "the", Phonics stories: Hit It! and In the Box and the Reading Book: Grandpa's Bible. Please add these items to your child's reading folder or box for review.

Bible News

We are learning about God’s plan of salvation while discussing the importance of obedience. Abel’s sin was forgiven because he obeyed God by offering the right kind of sacrifice. Cain’s sin, however, was not forgiven because he refused to be obedient and offered the wrong kind of sacrifice. We also must come to God, not by the sacrifice of works, but by the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ who shed his blood for the sins of the world.

Memory Verse Review: Psalm 25:4, Genesis 1:1, Psalm 95:6.

Memory Verse: Romans 3:23

Math News

We introduced 8, 9 and 10. We have also discussed the ordinal positions first through tenth.

You will find math manipulatives in the weekly folder for you to use at home for math review. Your child can make dot patterns when you call out the number, they can show how many by pulling down the correct number you have called as well as more/less and addition and subtraction.

Happy Birthday

to Piper! Thank you for the birthday treats!

Just A Note

*Please return signed weekly folders on Monday morning.

*We are looking forward to Grandparent’s Day on Wednesday! Wednesday is a half day.

*No School Thursday or Friday – Enjoy the break.

*K5C Open House is coming up! Mark your calendars for Monday, October 5!