The Treasure Map

September 24-September 28

The Week in Preview

  • Ms. Graf's Birthday
  • MAP Testing
  • 2:45 Third and Fourth Grade PLC meetings

  • 10:00-1:00 Crystal at Leadership meeting
  • 8:15 K-2 Children's Opera
  • 9:15 3-5 Children's Opera
  • PTA Smoothie Bar at Lunch
  • K-2 MAP Testing Begins

  • MAP Testing
  • 11:30-3:00 TEaM Math Meeting-Rhonda, Hana Sands and Heather Rollings to attend
  • 2:45 First, Second and Fifth Grade PLC meetings

  • MAP Testing
  • 11:30 Administrative lunch with assistants

  • MAP Testing
  • Terrific Kid Ceremony 8:30
  • 4th grade to Schiele Museum

The Fine Points:

The Pirate Way

    • All money should be in the office by 9:00 with a reconciliation form. No money can be left in the building overnight. We must do a bank run daily!
    • All attendance should be taken by 8:00.This was stated as a different time last week, but the DO is pulling attendance earlier than anticipated so parents are getting phone calls when their students are here! Thanks for making this adjustment.
    • Ask yourself this about everything you ask a child to do: What am I doing and why am I doing it?
    • If you have bus duty it is imperative that you be at the bus door at 7:00 because we receive children at this time!
    • We are in need of SIC and PTA staff representatives. If you are not currently involved in a club at IHES we would like for you to consider being a staff representative for these crucial support groups! Please send let us know who has decided to take this on this year so that we can give these names to PTA and SIC!
    • When you send a child to the clinic please send them with a clinic pass and have it filled out. Some students have come to the clinic this week with passes, but nothing written on them!
    • Alison is having lunch daily at 11:30. Please only send emergencies to the clinic at this time.

    Thought for the week:

    "Let's put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children."

    -Sitting Bull