March 16-20

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

News This Week

Welcome to 4th Quarter!

AR Dress Out Day
ONLY students who have an out of uniform pass may dress out on Wednesday this week. You had to meet both your point and comprehension goal in order to dress out.

New AR goals will be going home this week!

  • Send in $1 (or more) this week to support the SGA fight against childhood cancer. The class with the most money will win free Snow Wizard.
  • Donate items to the PTA Garage Sale. A flyer was sent home. Drop off is Saturday 9-10am and 3-4pm, and then Wednesday-Friday next week from 6-7pm.

Conservation Project

A letter will be coming home about a fun activity to support our environmental learning. Students will also be doing work in class. This is optional, but fun!


Just a note - we will do some fun egg-themed science activities before spring break, but first grade does not do an egg hunt or party like Kindergarten.

Just a note - I will be out of town for a family medical issue this upcoming Friday-Tuesday. My substitute will be Mrs. Holliday, who is a former first grade teacher at Daphne. She is experienced and we are very lucky to have her!

Special Pizza Snack - Friday - $1.50 Per Slice - Money is DUE THURSDAY MORNING

Studies This Week

  • Story: Reading Street Unit 4, Week 6 - Henery and Mudge and Mrs. Hopper's House
  • Skills: Cause & Effect, Preview
  • Phonics:suffixes -ly and -ful
  • Phonics: vowels in moon
  • Sight words: across, because, dance, only, opened, shoes, told
  • Practice at home: Read decodables and AR books


  • Practice spelling and writing words.
  • Visit for more practice.
  • Words this week: slowly, careful, quickly, useful, painful, playful, sadly, gladly, nicely, wonderful


  • Unit 7 - Color, Shape and Number Patterns
  • We will are working on growing patterns with numbers this week.
  • Example: ABCD ABCD ABCD What will the 20th letter be? How do you know?
  • Example: If I have six pennies now, and I get three more each day for 10 days in a row, how many will I have at the end of the 10 days? (6+3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3=36)


These words are used in English, math, or science we will learn throughout the week. Words are NOT tested, but will help understanding. Students are not expected to be able to spell these words.

  • discover, dwell, resident, welcome, admire, sadness, tremendous, substantial
  • pattern, repeating pattern, unit
  • conserve, recycle, environment, nature, pollution, natural, manmade, renewable, nonrenewable

Writing & Grammar

  • Determiners - conjunctions to join thoughts (and, but, or, so, because)
  • Written responses - how to answer questions fully
  • Expository (factual/explaining) writing


  • Conservation - We will read Magic School Bus Gets Recycled and continue learning about our environment.

Social Studies:

  • Conservation, the natural environment, and beginning land forms/masses over the next couple of weeks

Book Fair - March 23-27 - Book Fair

Upcoming Dates


16- SGA Service Project this week-Cancer Awareness Drive Fund Raiser

17- BUILD Baldwin BIG Meeting

18- 1st Out of Uniform AR

19- GPS

City Hall Build Baldwin Pep Rally 5:30

20- Report Cards go home

Special Snack $1.50

21- Saturday- PTA Yard Sale Drop off in the auditorium

23-27- Book Fair Week!

24- Snow Wizard

27- Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

Blood Donation Bus here (Students of parents who donate blood receive out of uniform pass)

28- Saturday- PTA Yard Sale

31- Referendum Vote


2- Skate Day (Same schedule as previous skate day)

3- Good Friday Holiday

6-10- Spring Break