Zebulon Pike

Westward Expansion Final

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Why I Traveled West

I was born January 5, 1779, in Lamington, New Jersey. I joined the army when I was a teenager. I was commissioned as a lieutenant at the age of 20. On my first expedition I led a party of 20 soldiers, we left St. Louis in August 1805. We went to present day Minnesota, and spending the winter among the Sioux. I arranged a treaty with the Sioux, and mapped much of the land. However, I did not find the real source of the Mississippi, and named the wrong lake as the river's start. After I returned to St. Louis in 1806, General Wilkinson had another assignment for my men and I.

One of the many reasons why General Wilkinson sent me into the west was to explore the sources of the Red River and the Arkansas River. And, as the United States had just gotten the Louisiana Purchase from France, I was supposed to explore and report on the lands in the southwestern portion of the purchase.

I began my mission by gathering supplies in St. Louis, and word of my upcoming expedition leaked out. A Spanish man was assigned to shadow me as I moved west, and perhaps even stop me from traveling. After leaving St. Louis on July 15, 1806, with Spanish men shadowing me from a distance, I started traveling to the area of present day Pueblo, Colorado. I tried and failed to climb a mountain that would later be named after me...Pike's Peak.

What Happened When I Got Captured

My Expedition that started in 1806 traveled through present-day Colorado when my team got confused of their location. This led to capture by Spanish men who sent my men and me to present day Mexico and questioned by the governor. We were released later in 1807 at the border of Louisiana.

My Impact On The Westward Expansion

My impact during the westward was that I mapped most of the Southern Louisiana Territory

Manifest Destiny

Definition: The idea that America was destined, or meant to, expand from coast to coast.

I believed that everyone should be treated equal any place, anytime.

My life After I Traveled West

In 1810 I published an account of my expeditions, a book so popular that it was translated into German, French, and Dutch so that Europe had publication. I later achieved the rank of brigadier general in the Army, serving during the War of 1812. I was sadly, and painfully killed during the Battle of York. In the end my country won so I died for a reason.
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