Vallance Insurance

Buildings Insurance Policies for Commercial Leaseholders and Business Tenants

Buildings insurance services have a different position for leasehold properties, quite unlike freehold properties, which is something that should be discussed and agreed upon. It should be one of the greatest concerns for agreement between the tenant and the property owner, so that there’s no discrepancy thereafter. For more details visit Insurance Policies

The agreement should be such that both the parties, at the stage of contract, will decide which of the party will be responsible for bearing the losses to the property in case of damage caused by natural disasters or otherwise.

The Lease Document

Very clearly, the document of the lease will define who will be responsible for repairing and reinstatement of a building and provide insurance cover as per buildings insurance services. If it is the tenant who is responsible to insure, they should do it without any further complication. For tenants, they have to purchase a business or commercial leasehold insurance, and the basis of its cover will be the same as a freehold property. The only variation is that some landlords may insist that they will approve the insurer so that they inspect the policy and also seek a confirmation from their end. There are policies in which the landlord is also required to note his points of interest on the documents.

Commercial leasehold buildings insurance coverage is done on the basis of reinstatement. This shows that in case of any claim the property insured will receive only the cost of re-developing the property to ensure it is back to its prior condition. It may differ on the basis of market value.