Martin's Memos

Volume 1, Issue 17: January 12, 2018

This Week


It was a long winter break, but I think we all needed the rest and relaxation! It was good to get back into our routine this week, however. This week the students took the Winter Reading MAP assessment. Overall, it showed what I'm seeing in class - that students are growing! As a class, the students earned about 138% of their expected growth scores for! We still have improvements and growth to be made in reading, however. We will be tightening our structures and accountability for reading in class and at home. Some key points we will focus on are making sure we are reading within our Lexile level and making sure we are reading a minimum of 20 minutes at home every night. I cannot stress enough how important these are. I appreciate all of your help and support with this! :)

We will take the Winter Math MAP assessment on the 17th. Once I gather all the results, I'll be sending you an email with your child's reading and math MAP scores/data and some action steps that we'll work on together to help your child to continue to grow. Remember that more information for parents about the MAP test can be found on my website:

We did a lot of fun things this week, so please take a look at this week's news, upcoming events and information! Let me know if you have any questions or comments.


-Ms. Kate Martin

Pictures of the Week

Weathering, Erosion and Deposition Class Cheer!

Students created their own cheer to remember the science vocabulary!

Supplies Needed!

We are in need of:

  • 3 x 5 or 4 x 6 White Index Cards (With lines)
  • Dry Erase Markers


  • Writing: We began our new unit of study, and began researching to prepare for writing a nonfiction book.

  • Reading: We

  • Math: Orange Group: We began our unit relating decimals and fractions. Blue Group: We continued our algebra unit. Purple Group: We continued our place value unit.

  • Science: We completed our energy transfer unit and began our earth systems unit. Please check out our Earth Systems PBL that we'll be doing!

  • Enrichment: We made our VEX robot this week! We also had a lesson on empathy.

Looking Forward to Next Week

  • Math: Orange Group: Continuing decimals and fractions unit. Blue Group: Finishing algebra unit. Purple Group: Continuing place value unit.
  • Reading: We will continue our nonfiction unit!
  • Writing: Writing informational texts.
  • Science: We will continue our PBL on earth systems.
  • Enrichment: We will begin our 3rd enrichment project as a class. We'll choose a community service project!

Character Trait of the Week: Justice

Big image

STEM Career Day Volunteers Needed!

Woodland’s STEM Career Day will take place on Friday, February 9th, 2018 from 1:30-3:00. Please consider signing up to present to Woodland students in grades 3-5 for our upcoming STEM Career Day! If you are interested, please either print and detach the bottom of this form or e-mail me with this information by January 19th.

Reading Logs

Some students are required to complete a reading log to track the amount of reading they are doing on a weekly basis. Students who are required to use this log are aware of how to complete it, and that it needs to be kept in their agenda. A copy of the reading log is linked below.

Late Work

This week many students received a list of missing work. These items must be turned in as soon as possible. When we return from break, I'll try to give students a sticky note with missing work items on a weekly basis. I'm hoping students will become more responsible about assignments, projects and homework!

A NEW late work policy will begin January 8th for my classroom. Students will receive -%5 off for each day any homework or project is turned in more than a day late. This means students will get a 1 day grace period. For example: If a project was due on Tuesday but was turned in on Thursday, it would be -5% off of the grade they earned. Keep in mind, absences a different situation. Students receive one day extra time for each day they are absent.

Winter MAP Testing

We took the Winter Reading MAP test on 1/10/17, and the Math MAP test will be on 1/17. The winter MAP test is used as formative data to determine how students are progressing toward their growth goals. I am looking for students to grow by at least half of their spring growth goals. Please review those goals with your child. They are listed on their MAP reports we went over during conferences and are also on their online educational portfolio website.

Lansing Field Trip

The Lansing Field Trip is scheduled for Friday, April 13. All 3/4 GT students will attend this field trip with the rest of the Woodland 4th graders.

We will be visiting the Impressions 5 Science Center in the morning and our Capitol Tours are in the afternoon. We will be leaving Lansing by 4pm.

More information and logistics to come.

General Information

  • Homework
-Independent Reading: Minimum 20 minutes

-Literature Circles: Reading and "job" Assignments on Google Classroom


-Daily math homework M-Th

  • Please check your child's agenda nightly by initialing under "Parent Signature". I will also initial it in the morning to confirm they have written the correct information down.
  • Friday Folders: They were sent home today! Please take out all the sheets and return the folder MONDAY.
  • Bagel Sales! Pre-Order on Wednesdays of each week. All varieties cost $1, cash only. Bagels are delivered on Fridays.
  • Order online at and use our class code R3CHK if you need books!

Upcoming Important Dates

1/15 MLK, Jr. Day - No School

1/17 Winter Math MAP Test

2/21-2/23 Mid-Winter Break - No School

3/8 1/2 Day

3/9 1/2 Day

3/30 Good Friday - No School

4/2-4/6 Spring Break - No School

4/11 1/2 Day

4/13 Lansing Field Trip (All 4th Grade/GT Students)

5/11 1/2 Day

5/28 Memorial Day - No School

6/14 1/2 Day

6/15 1/2 Day - Last Day of School

Content Related Videos

We'll be learning about the processes that shape the earth's land forms. Here are a few of my favorite videos to watch and discuss with your kids!