To provide superior Career and Technical Education enabling all students to achieve their aspirations.

CTE Prime

As we approach November, it's critical that our senior students are working. District wide we currently have 548 students cooperatively employed. This is good for the end of October and represents 49% of our senior class. Our goal is 75% by the end of March which is 300 more students employed. Last year, we hit 829 students cooperatively employed.

Kudos for the following career areas w/ 90% or higher of their eligible students employed.

DTHS: Dental Assisting, Electrical Trades, Welding

HVT: Carpentry, Cosmetology, Nurse Tech

HHS: Academy of Finance, Auto Diesel, Cosmetology

St.G: HVAC; Early Childhood

Weekly Brief

1. EDiS won a construction in excellence award for the Howard revitalization project. At the awards banquet, in front of hundreds of people, Bryon Short of DCA acknowledged NCCVT and how strong our partnership is with the organization and the various companies.

2. I attended the P-20 council meeting to represent New Castle County and be a voice for our educational needs. Much of the conversation revolved around the state's Pre-K efforts, although Michael Quaranta, President of the State Chamber, did ask about how we are preparing students to enter the workforce and meet various needs in the future. He is someone we will build a strong relationship to fully understand the needs of the chamber.

3. Schoology signed an agreement to be acquired by PowerSchool. To learn more about the acquisition and what this may mean for us, check out the FAQs.

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Up Ahead: Keeping the Momentum

1. Each year we see a drop in student academic performance and an increase in behavioral issues during the 2nd MP. I attribute this in part to the various holidays and breaks throughout the MP. For example, in the next 10 weeks, there are only 5 full 5 day weeks. And, even though we crave these breaks, they can throw off the rhythm of many of our students. Also, since we are on block schedule, the 2nd MP is also a challenging time with pacing. Please recognize these challenges and anticipate and support upcoming needs.

Take the Time to Climb: Principle C--Communication

Live to Listen ~Julian Treasure

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Going Beyond...

Check out this short Ted Talk from Julian Treasure on 5 ways to listen better.

  • Silence
  • The Mixer
  • Savoring
  • Listening Positions
  • RASA

Important Dates

  • Board Meeting - October 28
  • District Open House - November 3
  • Veteran’s Day (Schools & Offices Closed) - November 11