November 2013

Loveable Locket Ladies Newsletter

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How was our October

Wow ladies what an amazing October! Seriously!? After a long awaited few days and an anxious wait for our catalogs they made it! Who is loving our new fall collection!? I can't get enough of these new window plates!

Origami Owl also had another "Pop Up Shop" featuring some awesome Friday Night Lockets! Who snagged those up for an awesome deal?

As a team our October group volume was $3,253.87 that is certainly something to be proud of, woohoo! Give yourselves a big pat on the back! Remember heading into the Holiday season you have a great opportunity to fill those calendars! Don't let your customers forget that Origami Owl makes a great gift. And work to book into January. Things will naturally slow down after the holidays; it's important to get ahead of the curve.

What's to come in November

November is sure to be another record setting month. With the long anticipated released of our link lockets and bracelets, customers are going to be breaking down our doors just to get their hands on them!

Our new Back Office and shipping rates go into affect on November 1st! Be sure to watch the training webinars and review the PDFs that are posted in your BO so that you will be confident in everything you need for your business.

There are going to be a lot of changes coming along with our new system this November. Even with all of the testing I'm sure some hiccups will arise along the way! Things are going to get a little crazy, hang in there! Wait times for Designer Care could be longer than usual, plan for this if you need to call. If and when the bracelets are released their could be a delay in shipping times with the large amount of orders coming in. Your customers will appreciate your honesty, let them know exactly how long it will take things to ship. It is always better to under promise and over deliver. Lean on me as your mentor. You can come to me at any time if you have questions or just need to vent! I am only a call, text, email or message away!

Christmas is right around the corner! The Nest has not yet released a cut off date for Holiday orders, until they do here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Standard party shipping is 6-10 business days.
  • Do you have family plans for the Holidays, give yourself a little extra time if so.
  • My personal cut off date for Christmas orders is Dec. 8th. Dec. 8th allows for 12 business days between the order date and Christmas Eve.
  • Take a look at your schedule, commitments and plan accordingly! The last thing you want is to promise your customers a Christmas present and fall short with delivery.
  • Keep in mind that gift certificates make great last minute gifts! There are blank templates available in your BO! I like to let the gifty pick out a free charm from my inventory to gift along with the certificate, but this is completely up to you!

Give Thanks

It is so important to give thanks in November. Why not give back to your community. Collect non perishable foods at a Jewelry Bar, offer guests a discount if they participate and donate to a local shelter!
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Tips for a Successful Black Friday Sale {Via}

How many times have we heard the biggest shopping day of the year is the day after Thanksgiving? Having a Black Friday Sale is as easy as sending an email to our customer list.

Here are a few tips to make it easy and get it done ...

  • Don't Think About It Too Much: So often we think marketing ideas have to be elaborate or labor intensive. Often just thinking about doing a special sale or promo takes up all our energy and can become a big ordeal for us . . . but only if we allow this to happen. So ... don't think about it. Let's read this article, sit down, set a timer for sixty minutes and write our direct sales, home party plan Black Friday Sale email.

  • Make a List of Specials: Next we should make a list of which specials we wish to run. For example, if we make 30% on an item, we could offer it for 20% off and still make a little bit. We should remember to include items as a set. For example, if our customers buy 5 charms, could we throw in a 6th for free?

  • What's the Best We Can Do?: Now we want to think of our best door-buster deal. What would be the absolute best deal we could give a customer? For example, if we make 30% commission, then the best we could offer would be a 30% discount. Now we need to make a decision ... is there is any benefit for our businesses to offer this deal? Would sales made on Black Friday help us to reach a bonus or promotion? This is a personal decision and sometimes it's a good idea to sell things at our cost, but if this seems too extreme, we can always cut our best deal door buster discount back a little bit so there is still some profit in the sale.

  • Can We Sweeten the Pot?: Can we sweeten the pot and add an extra items as a bonus for orders over a certain total? For example, if a customer orders over $100, could we throw in a free dangle? Otherwise, could we offer a drawing? We can tell our customers anyone who orders will be put into a drawing for a free item.

  • Remember Booking Specials and Signing Specials: Black Friday is the perfect time to offer incredible deals for booking a party and/or for joining our team. If our customers have been thinking of booking or joining our team, our Black Friday deal may push them to commit to that decision.

  • Include Benefits: When we are writing our email we should make sure to include the benefits and versatility of our product. Remember, many people buy on emotion because they can picture themselves using our products. In our descriptions of this special promo we should make sure to include those vivid descriptions and benefits.

  • Use Color and Different Sized Fonts: If it's possible to do with our email systems we should use bold text, different color fonts, and different sizes fonts to make certain words or specials to stand out. The VAST majority of people will only skim their email and so make sure certain words, prices, and phrases stand out.

  • Put It All Together: Consider doing time-based specials and send our emails to our customer list on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. Here is a rough outline of how your email could be formatted:

* Opening Attention Grabbing Sentences: We can write a few sentences which grab people's attention, such as:

Black Friday is tomorrow and here at Origami Owl we can't wait to celebrate!
We're offering our best deals on product, hosting an in-home party, or joining my team right now!

* Next List Our Time-Based Specials: We can let our customers know if we receive orders during certain times of the day, certain specials will apply. We can list our specials by time ...

If I receive your order between 3:00 AM and 7:00 AM, you receive (this should be our biggest door buster deal). By the way, the time can start as early as Midnight on Thanksgiving.

If I receive your order between 7:01 AM and 11:00 AM, you receive (this should be a good deal, but less than our door buster discount).

If I receive your order between 11:01 AM and 3:00 PM, you receive (this should be a different deal).

Continue listing the times with different specials.

* Next List Our Booking and Signing Specials: We can list these up front as well. Depending on which system we use to format our emails. Many times people will not "read down the page" to check out all of our deals and so we may want to consider including this special at the top.

There are two schools of thought here ...

Most of the time people are thinking about shopping on Black Friday and so it may be a good idea to put our shopping specials at the top because people will keep their email open long enough to see the booking and signing specials. The other line of thinking is to have our booking or signing specials at the top because if they close the email right away, they will at least see those specials. Each of us has to decide which system works into our current business goals best.

* Big closing statement: Make sure to give a big hooray at the end of the email. For example . . . These are the best prices we've offered all year and so don't miss out on these incredible deals!

  • Do It Right Now: Set the timer right now. It shouldn't take us more than an hour and may even take as little as thirty minutes. There is no reason why Origami Owl shouldn't be part of the Black Friday action!

October Top Sales!

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Way to go ladies! You're on a roll! Who's going to have the highest top sales in November, will it be you?? What are your goals for next month?

Who's moving up!?

A Warm Welcome to Our Newest Designers!

Julie Jackson - Enrolled: 10/12/13
Kinzie Kasler - Enrolled: 10/23/13
Stephannie Blish - Enrolled: 10/29/13

October Team Incentive

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Don't worry I haven't forgotten! Our team incentive for October was to meet $99 in PV!

Christina Sensenig
Jen Bedel
Pam Fox
Elizabeth Skidmore
April Lentkowski

You will each receive Your choice of a custom locket photo or a set of custom page tabs and a fb review to help you make the most of your fan page from me for your stellar sales this month! I will contact each of you at some point this coming month to help you get your fan pages in tip top shape! :D

Contact Me:

I am your Mentor and your personal cheerleader! I want to support you every step of the way with your business. You are never bugging me, if you have a question, want an opinion or need to vent I am only an email, message or phone call away.

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