Junior Newsletter Class of 2023

April 2022: Crosby Scholars is here to help!

Summer is coming and you want to make the MOST of this time!

Class of 2023 Crosby Scholars, this is the perfect time to begin setting goals and taking action for your future. Your Crosby Scholars Senior Advisor has been assigned in the student portal. Below are a few things you want to make sure you do before school is out for summer!

  1. Meet with your Crosby Scholars Senior Advisor before the end of May
  2. Ask your school guidance office for a copy of your transcript.
  3. Make sure you have a copy of your ACT test results
  4. Find something to do this Summer that will enhance your Activities Resume (see article below)
  5. Talk to your teachers about requirements for recommendation letters.

Crosby Scholars really wants to help take the stress and worry out of planning for your future. Setting goals, taking small steps and constantly moving forward a little at a time will help you be successful. Below find 2 documents that will help you this summer. Top 10 Summer Tasks for College Admissions & Initial Meeting Notes Questionnaire.

Crosby Scholars staff works all summer, contact us anytime if you need additional help.

To Test or Not to Test? The million dollar question.

During the past 2 College Application Cycles colleges and universities have gone test optional. Recently the UNC Public School systems reported that they are extending the test waiver (test optional policy) for students applying to UNC Public Schools through Fall 2024.

There are more factors then just if a school requires scores to testing. A few things you should consider:

  • Review your Free ACT Test report - You each had the chance to take the ACT for free at your high school. You should have received your results by now. HOLD on to that piece or paper or email. It has information you will need. How did you do? Use that cumulative score to compare your results to what colleges are reporting as students that were accepted into their school. If you scored a 26 and the college or university that you want to attend has an average reported score of 23 - 30, then you might consider sending your 26. If you are trying to attend a school that is test optional but reports average ACT as 30 - 35, you might not want to send your score. Your GPA might be the indicator that you want them to review.
  • Consider taking the SAT - If you were not happy with your ACT and did not like the test format, you might want to consider signing up to take the SAT. Visit the www.collegeboard.org website to explore test dates and ways you can use Khan Academy Free Test prep to help you prepare for the SAT. I was recently at the SACAC conference and the Princeton Review team shared a few handouts about test comparisons. Take a look and see if they help.
  • Participate in Crosby FREE Test Prep Sessions - Crosby Scholars is partnering with The Learning Curve and offering several Free SAT Test Prep Workshops. The next one is April 30, 2022. Great opportunity to learn how to increase your score.
  • What does Test Optional Really Mean -- Depending on what college or university you are speaking to the term "Test Optional is a little ambiguous. Some really mean they don't require, but would like to see your scores, others might not want to see them at all and are more test blind, and others might not require for admission, but they still require test scores for merit based scholarship consideration or honors college admission. Do your research and understand the policy for each school on your list.
  • Student Athletes have different requirements - Be sure to understand the clearing house or eligibility requirements tied to test scores if you are an athlete that is being recruiting by a college or university.

Most students and parents who call us and ask, "Should I take the ACT or SAT again?" The answer is "It Depends" . It Depends on the school, the policy, the major, the scholarships, and many other factors. Do your research early so you have time to prepare and retest IF you need to.

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Summer Experience

Now is the time to explore your interests, gain some experience and build your resume. Many colleges and universities offer camps, immersive experiences and even a few research opportunities to rising seniors over the summer break. Visit the colleges and universities on your short list to see what they have to offer. Here are a few ideas:

  • Get a Part-Time Job or Internship - There is nothing like spending time on a job to gain experience, earn some money and determine if that is something you want to do in the future. You can also meet mentors and possibly build your list of people who would consider recommending you in the future.
  • Volunteer for a Cause - spend your extra time this summer volunteering for an organization you believe in. You will gain valuable experience. Consider volunteering in a field you might want to student. Example - Interested in Healthcare - Volunteer with a hospital or nursing home; Interested in Teaching - volunteer to work with children, YMCA or youth sport league or Vacation Bible School.
  • Participate in a camp - These are sometimes called enrichment experiences, day camps, etc. They are offered by ISS, MGSD, Community Colleges, Universities. Check out the newsletter about summer opportunities. Mitchell Community College Jump Start Camps
  • Try It Tuesdays - Crosby Scholars & Mitchell Community College will be offering career exploration every Tuesday. Go to the Crosby Scholars Iredell County Portal to register. Open to all High School Crosby Scholars.

All Students are required to perform service hours. Please, Be sure to enter you service hours in the Crosby Scholars Iredell County Service form.

Stay Connected!

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CLUB Crosby at your High School

As a Crosby Scholar, you have the opportunity to attend Crosby Club Meetings. While there will NOT be a formal meeting just for Juniors. You are welcome to attend any of the other meetings and you are encouraged to participate with the Crosby Club at your school to work on service or gain leadership experience. More to come in the next newsletter.