The Young Foundation.......Help us,help them.

A Ripple in the Water

The problem, schistosomiasis, is a parasitic disease that's causing diarrhea, coughing, fatigue, fever, and much more. This disease affects some animals in different countries but not as much as humans. This disease is currently happening in Madagascar but YOU can help prevent it. If you donate just a little money we can help save the many people getting infected.

The Young Foundation

My name is Eryn Young and I am the founder of the Young Foundation. Our team helps countries around the world with their problems. Whether it's deforestation or soil erosion, we've got it covered. Our current project is the water diseases in Madagascar located off the southern coast of Africa. We have decided to use solar purification to purify the water. We will build a pit out of concrete to let the water pour in. When the water gets there it will have to sit for eight hours to purify in the sun.

To fund for this project, we ask you and others to help donate to our foundation a little portion of money to help the people in Madagascar. Think....If you didn't have a hospital to go to or clean water to drink, would you want someone to pass on an offer to help you? NO! So i say help these people and get them back to health. Trust me..You can make a change.

Foundation Information

We are located in every state with the exception of Colorado and Minnesota. Our biggest facility is located in Los Angeles,CA.