Patrick Marsh Middle School Band

Sept 7-10, 2021

Band Lesson Reminders

We had a great first day of lessons last Friday. Here are a few reminders about lessons this week.

  • Students should leave a few minutes before their band lesson time in order to be ready.
  • When students arrive at the band room they can get their instrument out (but don't play inside).
  • Students should walk out Door 9 (by the band room) with their instrument and music.
  • Mr. Gleason and Mrs. Haraldson will be teaching lessons in one of the tents.
  • At the conclusion of the lesson students should quickly return to the band room, put items away and then go immediately back to class/resource.

Tuesday, Sept 7 - A day lessons

Wednesday, Sept 8 - B day lessons

Thursday, Sept 9 - A day lessons

Friday, Sept 10 - lessons (these do not rotate based on day).

Your child's lesson time can be found at the link provided below. As always, reach out if you have any questions!

Practice Is More Than Just “Putting In Time”

New research has shown that "talent" really is myelination (the wrapping of neural circuits increasing signal strength, speed, and accuracy). "If you fire your skill circuits the right way- by trying hard to do things you can barely do, in deep practice - then your skill circuits will respond by getting faster and more fluent." - The Talent Code p 45 by Daniel Coyle

Practice is essential in the growth and development of every musician (student, athlete, etc). It takes repetition in order to build skills and knowledge. Consequently, it takes great discipline to practice consistently and routinely. However, the rewards are great for not only the individual, but also the entire group.

The practice grade will be determined by averaging the student’s self-assessment of their practice and progress and the teacher’s assessment of their practice. Practice is more than just “time” playing the instrument. Good practice means concentration and focus rather than just going through the motions. Consequently, the grade will take into account their success in completing the lesson assignments AND the time the put in. We recommend that students practice on average 4 to 5 days a week (20-25 minutes per day). Again, this is just as average!! More is better, but only if it is SMART, DEEP practice.

Watch this video that I created about what "practice" really means and how you can help your child to grow "myelin".

- YouTube

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How Can I Find More Information?

Here is a link to our Band Website ( this is a great place to look if you ever have questions. We try to keep it updated with everything you would need.

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