QR Codes in the Classroom

Can be used with all grade levels, all content areas!

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What are QR codes?

A QR code is a "Quick Response" code. It is a bar code that can be read by phones and other mobile devices. QR codes store information such as website addresses, plain text, links to videos, etc. Your device needs a QR reader to scan the codes. You can create your own QR codes from a variety of websites and apps. Most of the QR readers and QR generators are free of charge.

Goals for this Session:

  • Learn to scan QR codes using a variety of devices.
  • Learn to create different types of QR codes.
  • View examples of QR codes in the classroom.
  • Create your own QR codes.

Scanning QR Codes

One of our favorite QR Code readers is i-nigma. You can download it for free. It scans codes quickly and accurately and can be used on most phones and tablets. The QR Code Extension can be used to scan codes on Chromebooks.

Creating QR Codes

At QRStuff.com, you can create codes for a variety of data types including: websites, plain text, videos, and social media accounts. You can change the color of your QR codes and download, print, or email them. You can even create your own customized products such as cups or t-shirts! You can also use The QR Code Extension to easily create QR codes on Chromebooks.

Classroom Application

  • Word Walls or Grammar Walls
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Homework help- embedded tutorial videos
  • Bottle cap or tile activities
  • Sorting activities
  • Book Reviews and Trailers
  • Dynamic QR Codes- "Problem of the Week"
  • Even more ideas! (https://goo.gl/o4nRtH)

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