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Week Ending November 27th

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I'd like to shout out to Alisa Palazzi for always coming up with great ELA resources! She's been a huge help this year with ideas for my POR classroom! Thank you!!! - Sarah Wiesenecker

I'd also like to shout out to Denise Yockey for all of her hard work with NGSS and the Gardening Club. She continues to amaze me with her hard work and dedication to both the students and staff. Thank you!!! - Sarah Wiesenecker

This week I’d like to give a Shout Out to everyone for their support with getting i-Ready up and running.

Also a special Shout Out to Kristine Perro and Meghan Grosse for their help with the poster machine.

-Karen Omiatek

Local News

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~Compliments to Dr. Tracey Severns for sharing~

Stay Connected

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Handwashing Awareness Month

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Teacher Talk

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Calling all Holiday 2017 Bakers…

If you are a person who enjoys baking around the holiday season, then our Mansfield Cookie Swap is just for you.

When: Monday, December 18th

Time: After School in MTES Faculty Lounge

RSVP by Monday, December 4th

How the exchange works:

  • You will bring individually wrapped cookies with your recipe. Each package will be wrapped with 6 cookies. In case your cookies become someone’s favorite, the recipe can be used again and again.

  • You will leave with many cookies. You will fool everyone! Your family and friends will think you have been baking for weeks.

  • If you are unable to attend after-school, you may send your cookies to MTES in the morning and your cookies will be organized for you. We will exchange them for you and you can pick up the next school day.

  • If you don’t have time to bake, or have ruined your recipe, but still want to attend, you must go to a real bakery and buy yummy cookies to exchange.

Fred will pick up JHES cookies and bring to MTES faculty lounge at 9am on Monday, December 18th. JHES staff will just need to come to MTES for the exchange. If you are interested in participating in the Mansfield Cookie Swap, please type your name below, along with the cookie you plan to bring no later than December 4th. An email will be shared by December 11th to let you know how many cookie packages of 6 cookies you will need to bring to the swap,

Looking forward to kicking off the holidays with some sweet fun! Check your Google Docs for Sign Up Sheet.

New Teachers Tips


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#ditchHW - 10pm-11pm Thursday Nights

#EdTherapy - The most Positive Education on Twitter Chat 9-10 PM Thursday Nights (BiWeekly) - Chat focuses on an array of Topics and educators connect to discuss solutions

#BFC530 - The breakfast club - 5:30 am daily - chat has one question for teachers and leaders to start the day positively

#ResilienceChat - Monday Nights 10-11 PM - Chat that focuses on resilience in schools and beyond

#TLAP - 9-10 PM Monday Nights (Innovative Teaching)

#satchat - 7:30 - 8:30 AM Saturday Mornings

#NJED - 8:30 - 9:30 PM Tuesday Nights (New Jersey Educators Chat)

Week of Coding Dec 4-10, 2017

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Dec. 4 -10 - Week of Coding 2017

Dec. 11-6:30pm MTSD BOE meeting in MTES Library

Dec. 18th - MTSD Staff Cookie Exchange

Dec. 22-Early Dismissal

Dec. 25-Jan. 1-Holiday Break

Jan. 2-School Re-Opens

Exciting things coming...

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Early Next week dates and time will be announced for the MTSD Strategic Planning Committee! Stay Tuned!

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Who will win??

Sunday---December 17, 2017

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Mansfield Mindfulness