Just Say No to Dress Codes

Every morning, I wake up, roll out of bed, and decide what to wear that day. Depending on the weather, my plans for the day, and my mood, I choose an outfit that I like, and get ready. What if we didn't have the freedom to choose our own clothes? Having to wear a school uniform will cause many problems for individuals and schools.

First of all, having to wear a uniform means either having to do a lot of laundry or having to wear dirty clothes. If you have to wear the same thing every single day, there's really no point in buying several copies of the same outfit. If you only have one or two uniforms, you will end up having to do laundry all the time. Some people aren't able to do laundry every night, and they'll end up wearing dirty clothes to school. Wearing dirty clothes is unhealthy and can cause other students to pick on those kids.

Also, uniforms take away our creativity. Many students enjoy getting dressed up for their birthday, special occasions, or just because they got a new outfit they want to wear. With uniforms, you always have to look like everyone else. Parents and teachers always tell students that they're unique and individual, but uniforms make us all look the same and take away our style. This can upset students and lead to anger and attitude problems.

Lastly, wearing uniforms can lead to confusion. If you're looking for your friends, but everyone looks the same, the cafeteria or gym can become a really confusing place. Imagine if students get into a fight when everyone is wearing uniforms. It would be really hard to tell who all was involved in a big group, when all students are dressed the same. The wrong student could be accused of being involved or the trouble-makers could get away with it, all because the uniforms made it too hard to tell who was causing the fight.

Uniforms seem like a good idea to teachers and schools, but that's not true. If students are supposed to be individuals, we should be able to dress as individuals. Many people think that uniforms will solve all the problems in schools, but in reality they will just create more problems.

Do School Uniforms Help Students Learn?

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Catherine Wallace