Drake Casson

"My Personality"

my personality color is Blue!!

Blue represents people who are more of the friendly type who like to get to know people and like talking to new people. Blue also represents a loving personality and someone who makes friends very easily. 5 words that express the blue personality is fun, happy, friendly, loving, and spontaneous.

my animal is a dog!!

The dog represents someone who is reliable and friendly, it also describes someone who is loving and never keeps grudges.

Sugar's GoPro duck hunt V1

careers and hobbies!!

careers that are recommended range from a waiter to medical careers. hobbies that go along with my personality are things like bike riding, swimming, playing video games, and hiking.

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Downhill mountain biking Winter Park Trestle Be All U Can Be Go Pro helmet cam

my influence!!

my influence on the class is hopefully to make everyone feel welcomed and comfortable like if they were hanging out with their friends. i want people to share things that they have to say or ideas.

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