Tsunamis are coming!

Take cover!

About the big wave

Tsunamis are massive waves that form in the ocean by earthquakes. Earthquakes are caused when the tectonic plates shift and move. Most earthquakes start in the ocean which will form waves that will spread out from the starting point. Tsunami waves happen in rows. Sometimes the waves are from fifteen minutes to an hour apart. In the deep parts of the ocean, the waves are short and fast. When they get closer to land, they slow down and get taller.

How to stay safe. . .

Everyone that lives near the coast should have a tsunami survival kit. In each kit, there should be: food, medicine, flashlights and extra clothing. If an earthquake strikes, listen to the radio for instructions in case a tsunami hits afterward. Here is what to do if a tsunami is coming.

1- Get as far away as possible from the coast.

2- Find high ground

3- Stay away from buildings in case they collapse on top of you

3- Stay away from buildings in case they collapse on top of you

After a tsunami hits, the fire department and the police will help people. In villages in Africa, UNICEF will help them by bringing in bottles of water and first aid kits.

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The past. . . coming to the future!

Tsunami waves are the fastest, biggest and the strongest waves on earth. If you get hit by a tsunami wave, it would feel like a one hundred foot wall of concrete smashed into you. Tsunamis aren’t just caused by earthquakes, they can be caused by meteorites crashing into the ocean. Tsunamis can kill thousands of people at once. During a tsunami, many buildings get flattened and crushed and sometimes the city doesn’t have enough money to rebuild the broken buildings and houses. Tsunamis have been happening for a long time, longer than people have been around.

The Facts you never knew. . . UNTIL NOW!!!

Tsunami is a Japanese word for “harbour wave”. It’s called harbour wave because of the amount of destruction done to the coast. You thought the cheetah was quick! Well, the crazy wave can travel seven times faster than those little kittys. Take that cheetah! NO CHEETAH WILL BEAT THE WORLD RECORD OF 800 KPH! Ok, on with the facts. You thought they were fast?! Well how about their DEADLY heights? The DEATH wave can be up to 130 feet tall! That’s not all! They are miles long! Tsunamis are also called seismic sea waves.