Library News

Research in the library

We will continue to work on research in the library. In the 4th 6 weeks we (classroom teacher and I) will need to set research goals for your class.

K-2 classes have to have all research completed by Feb. 24.

3-5 classes will have a lesson on plagiarism and citation, students will have to finalize guiding research question, this will be an individual activity.

Library Videos

I have started weeding the videos. To this point I have only weeded the videos that are easy to access on You Tube or Discovery Education (with the exception of a few that were very old and were more "fun" videos and not "educational"). If you would like to have some of these you are welcome to them, come see me.

Professional Library

I have also jumped into trying to weed the Professional Library. Wow, some of those books were older than many of us! I don't believe that anyone has used any of the books from the Professional shelves in the last year and a half, but if there is something that you know you would like to use please let me know.

If you didn't know we had a Professional library please come see me and I will show you where it is. We also started receiving Mailbox and Teacher Helper in December!

Remind 101

Have you heard of Remind 101? It is free and safe text messaging from teachers to students and parents; available online, for iOS, and for Android)