My Smore Flyer


Viola in she's the man sees herself as a strong independent women who can do anything and will do anything if it means something to her and wont let anything stop her.


Viola is a girl that was on the soccer team and she was going to practice and they told her that the team was cut and that she couldn't try out for the boys team because she was a girl. When she goes home her brother tells her that he is going to Europe and that he was going to be gone for a few weeks. Viola looks like her brother because they are twins so she had the idea so dress up and act like a boy and go his school in Cornwall so she can play soccer just until her brother come back from Europe. Viola had to pretend to be her brother so she can play soccer because they wouldn't let the girls play she tried out and made the team for the boys soccer team and no one knew that she was acting like a boy that was a girl besides her friends at her old school and they helped her pretend to be a boy and be like around the school. And that's why Viola had to dress as a man.

identity (shakesphere)

Viola in shakespehere thinks as herself as a women. She thinks that she is just being a man just for her to get by and not because she wants to be a man or thinks as herself as a man but because she has to get by. Viola thinks she is a women and she is just doing what she has to do because she doesn't have her brother with her or a man in general to be by her side and kind of take care of her. "Conceal me what I am, and me be my aid for such disguise as haply shall become the form of my intent. I'll serve this Duke"(I.II.49-51). This quote shows how Voila is going to become a man and work for Duke as a servant just until she needs so she knows what she's going to do next.

gender (shakesphere)

Viola was just a wealthy girl with no parents they both died her and her twin brother were on a ship going to somewhere and they got into a shipwreck and the captain helped her. When Viola got out of the shipwreck she couldn't find her brother so she assumed he was died in the shipwreck. So because Viola is a girl she just get a job as women and walk around without a male escort and because she is a town she hasn't been before and she didn't have her money she had to get some money and wait and see what she has to do. The captain that is helping her said that he will help her become a man and work for a wealthy man Duke Orsino and she was considered a unic so her voice was deep and she had a more feminine and could get away with that. And nobody questioned her she got the job and starting working for him. That why Viola had to pretend to be a man in shake sphere.

Percaption (shakespeare)

In Shakespeare people see Viola as a man not a women but a man that is a gentleman and caring for others and a good person. One person takes a specific interest in Viola and starts having feelings for her is Olivia but Olivia doesn't know that she Viola is actually a girl and is just dresses as a man. "What is your parentage? Above my fortunes, yet my state is well I am a gentlemen. I'll be sworn thou art; thy tongue, thy face, thy limbs, actions, and spirit, Do you give the fivefold blazon. Not too fast! Soft, Soft! Unless the master were the man. How now? Even so quickly may one catch the plague? Methinks I feel this youths perfections With an invisible and subtle stealth to creep in at mine eyes. Well, let it be-- "(I.V. 264-273). This is how Olivia sees viola as a man and kind of as a women since that's who she really is caring and sweet and even pretending to be a man other people see that just like Olivia.

Similarities/Differences (Shakespeare)

This similarities between Olivia and Viola is that there both women both lost a brother and don't have any parents or family and both are very rich. And they both love people who might not love them back. Some differences between Olivia and Viola is that they both is that Olivia loves Viola and Viola loves Duke and Viola is from Illyria and Viola is a servant and Olivia is a noble they have two different places in society. These are some similarities and differences.