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Alex Hamilton, as our leader, wants us to have a strong national government. With a strong government, we would be educated, wealthy public spirited men like us educated and background to being able to run our country wisely.

This is why we want him!!

What else?

Hamilton also wanted to expand the economy and increase the nation's wealthy by using the power of the government to promote business, manufacturing, and trade. With this, he support the nationa bank because it was his idea and he knew it would help the government with tax collection

And if we were in a war? Who would we be dealing with

Hamilton and John Adams would know how to handle the situation. He wanted to stay neutral because of their country going in debt but if they did, they would pick the British. Great Britain was all that the United States would become on day; a powerful and respected nation that could degend itself. But not only that, if trading and being a trading partner with the British meant money.