A Little Bit Scary

By Joe Stover

You may think Bobo is scary, but really...

  • He is fun because he tells good jokes!
  • He is nice because he includes everybody in a game!
  • He is very athletic because he can make a basket from half court!
  • He is very artistic because he can draw a relistic tree!
  • He is very musical because he can play the drums like the best drummer ever!
  • He always has a smile because he is always happy!

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Bobby's Good Deeds

  • Bobby will teach you math or science because he is very smart.
  • Bobby is a ninja so he can show you tricks like a backflip or frontflip.
  • Bobby is really fun because he can do some tricks and jokes you've never seen before.

Bobby's family

  • Bobby has one older brother and one older sister, and their brothers name is Jacob and his sisters name is Jenna!
  • Jenna is 19 and Jacob is 18.
  • Bobby is 10 years old.
  • Bobby has a mom named Debbie and a dad named Matt.


  • Bobby loves to play golf.
  • He onced made a hole in one on his 2nd hole!
  • Bobby loves reading and his favorite book is diary of a monster.
  • Bobby plays the piano and is very good!

Bobby's Favorite Things

  • Bobby's favorite color is pink.
  • Bobby's favorite sport is golf.
  • Bobby's favorite instrument is piano.
  • Bobby's favorite song is the lazy song by Bruno Mars.
  • Bobby's favorite movie is Monsters Inc.