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Best Schooling For Me to Become a Computer Engineer

OIT is the best schooling Program for me because It is close to home which mean not as long of drives to and from the school, They have online classes, and they are the best IT school in the state.


Name: Oregon Institute of technology

Address: 3201 Campus Drive

City: Klamath Falls

County: Klamath County

State: Oregon

Sate Abbr: OR

Zip: 97601-8801

Website: Oregon Institute of Technology

Programs: Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

State Program: Oregon Civil Engineering, Oregon Computer Engineering, Oregon Electrical Engineering, Oregon Mechanical Engineering

Locale: Rural

Campus Size: Small

College Type: Public

College Level: 4-Year College

Undergraduate Programs: Yes

Graduate Programs: Yes

On Campus Housing Offered: On-Campus Housing

Online: Yes

Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 19

Retention Rate: 73

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Computer Engineering at OIT(Oregon Institute of Technology)__[This is from OIT]

Computer Engineering degrees are available at all education levels: undergraduate, master’s and doctorate (PhD). Most undergraduate Computer Engineering programs allow you to specialize along one of several tracks because the entire career field is simply too broad to cover in an undergraduate program.

As you progress in your Computer Engineering career, you’ll be able to study increasingly complex topics in hardware and software systems. Occupying the top tier of Computer Engineering jobs are professionals with vast experience designing the overall system to control things like a passenger airliner, the International Space Station, or a nuclear power plant.

Computer Engineering requires a combination of skills from other engineering disciplines, and most colleges will require the same courses as prerequisites for their degrees. You’ll likely study mathematics up through Calculus, basic software programming, physics and electronic or electrical engineering basics.

Once your prerequisite courses are completed, you start the heart of the curriculum in Computer Engineering. In your upper level courses, you’ll learn how computer-controlled systems are designed from the bottom up. Microprocessor design, firmware creation and circuit boards are just a few of the topics you’ll study. The creation of a single computer is just the beginning. Advanced courses in Computer Engineering teach the techniques for integrating large numbers of computers into complex networks capable of solving massive computational problems.

There are many delivery methods for studying Computer Engineering. There are over 150 universities that offer an undergraduate program, and most top-tier state and private colleges offer Master’s and PhD programs also. You might also pursue a Computer Engineering degree with any of the reputable online colleges.

An undergraduate Computer Engineering degree typically takes four to five years to complete. A Computer Engineering Master’s Degree will normally be completed in two years on a full-time basis, and a doctorate can easily take three years to complete.

OIT Payment Fee

  1. On Campus
  2. Off Campus
  3. At Home

  • Tuition and fees

  1. $8,839
  2. $8,839
  3. $8,839

  • Room and board

  1. $8,530
  2. $7,146
  3. $1,926

  • Books and supplies

  1. $1,000
  2. $1,000
  3. $1,000

  • Estimated personal expenses

  1. $2,438
  2. $2,438
  3. $2,438

  • Transportation expenses------

  1. ------
  2. ------
  3. ------

  • Estimated Total

  1. $20,807
  2. $19,423
  3. $14,203

Whats Important for OIT

Very Important

  • Academic GPA
  • Rigor of secondary school record
  • Standardized Test Scores


  • Character/Personal Qualities
  • Class Rank
  • Recommendations

Undergraduate Tuition Fee From OIT

Basic Fees

  • Tuition---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4626.48

  • Building/Facilities Fee--------------------------------------------------------------------------------45.00

  • Incidental Fee------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------325.00

  • Health Service Fee-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------150.00

Total Tuition and Fees-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$5146.48

Other Expenses

  • Estimated Cost of Books per Term-----------------------------------------------------------400.00

  • Estimated Cost of Misc & Personal Expenses Per Term-----------------------------850.00

Total Estimated Cost Per Term-----------------------------------------------------------------------$6396.48