2nd Hand News

Nov 30-Dec 4

Where can you learn how to make cornbread from true scratch, twist rope, create fire, and fashion a dugout canoe? At the Lenape Village! Before Thanksgiving break, the 2nd grade loved to be involved in the hands-on activities and learn about our area's oldest culture as they lived 500 years ago. Waneshe to our parent chaperones for helping us enjoy this special experience. We are in the homestretch of writing an informational report about what we learned on the trip.

2nd grade is learning how to reverse the regrouping process by moving on to subtraction. Every place value column needs some "magic," or does it?

During a recent assembly, Upper Schoolers shared their JEM experience in Russia and we enjoyed the 4th grade play this week. The 2nd Hand Players are up next at the end of January.


  • The Lower School is attending the Nutcracker on Monday, December 7th. The seasonal theme continues in the afternoon with Hannukah activities.
  • Vocabulary Quiz on Wednesday, December 9th. This is a matching quiz, spelling not required. The children chose their own juicy words from My Father's Dragon to develop the list.
  • The Lower School Holiday Concert is Tuesday, December 15th, at 11:00.

I hope your family had a peaceful and enjoyable Thanksgiving break. The kids give us much to be grateful for.


Mrs. Nyce

P.S. All I want for the holidays is my desk back (see pictures of the Occupiers below)!

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