A Biotechnology Research Scientist

And why should you should be one

A Global Biotechnology Careers Project by Cate D. Goodman

You can pursue a wide variety of careers

This year in Science class we have discussed a wide variety of scientific fields such as Chemistry, Biology, and Environmental Science. You could translate an interest in any of these fields to a rewarding and well paying career as a Biotech Research Scientist.
As a Biotech Research Scientist you can pursue an excellent career in any of the 3 main branches of biotechnology listed above.

The Demand for Biotech Research Scientists is Growing

Right now there is a lot investment in Biotechnology and employment is expected to grow in both in public and private sectors over the next decade. Biotech Research Scientists also tend to keep their jobs during hard economic times.

It's Incredibly Rewarding

Biotechnology is one of the best solutions to several of the world's major problems. These include hunger, disease, and climate change.

If you dream about ending world hunger or curing cancer then a career as a Biotech Research Scientist might just be the job for you.

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In short, if you think you would enjoy creatively solving some of the world major problems using science and technology, you should seriously consider pursuing a career as a Biotech Research Scientist.