MED 2014 Final Update!

This is it! The FINAL flyer!

Hello everyone! We are in the final stretch right before the kickoff for MED 2014! This LAST flyer will lay out some key information, so please read this in its entirety! As always, feel free to email me or Sherry with any questions or concerns that come to mind. We look forward to seeing everyone this Sunday, August 3rd!



  • For participants carrying a Japanese, or a Taiwanese passport, please bring a copy of your ESTA document! You will need it when you enter the United States.
  • For participants carrying a PRC passport, you should have your VISA in your passport by now.


  • You must always bring your passport anytime you travel outside of your home country. This time is no different! Please remember to bring your passport and necessary documentations so you can enter the United States!


  • Although we will submit electronic copies of your vaccination records for the health check, the medical facility where you will shadow may also request to see original copies of your records. Therefore, as was outlined in the Immunization Guide, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you do not forget to bring original copies of your immunization documents with you to Stanford.


  • Please remember to bring your white coats. You are required to wear them when shadowing physicians.


  • We would prefer that you bring a laptop, but if you would like to bring your tablet instead, that is perfectly fine.

You must be able to carry your own bags. Carry your bags around your house or even down the street. Too much to handle? Leave some things behind! For a list of recommended items to bring with you, please revisit the previous MED flyer and packet/guide you received during orientation.


On the airplane, you will receive two types of documents:

1) U.S. immigration documents (an arrival card); and

2) Customs documents (a declaration form)

Bring a pen with you in your carry-on bag so that you can fill these out before you land. This saves you time in the airport.

SFO Airport Pick-Up Time & Location


When you arrive at the San Francisco International Airport, you will first go through customs. Please make sure that you have signed your passport on the appropriate page.

When asked where you will be staying at, please use the following address:

Roble Hall

374 Santa Teresa Street,

Stanford, CA 94305 USA

In the past, VIA students have not had any problem going through customs. However, if you are asked the purpose of your stay, you can say: "to join a short culture program."

If they ask to contact someone in the United States, my cell phone number is 818.433.9110. You can reach Kazutoh Ishida, Senior Stanford Programs Director, via cell phone by dialing 650.283.7252.


Once you pass Customs & Immigration, you will pick up your luggage. You will then exit, and I and the other members of the MED team will be waiting for you with a welcome sign on the Arrivals Floor in the International Terminal. The international terminal is not very big, so it should not be hard to find us.

For those of you arriving before 11:00 AM, please wait in the International Arrivals Terminal between Gate A and Gate G. There is a little cafe there, called Emporio Rulli, where you can relax and have a cup of coffee/snack. The MED team will arrive at SFO at 11:00 AM to pick you up.

For those of you arriving between 1:30 PM and 8:00 PM, please find us at Emporio Rulli, a small cafe located in the International Arrivals Terminal between Gate A and Gate G. Please wait there, and members of the MED team will arrive at SFO at 8:00 PM to pick you up.

If you arrived to the USA before August 3rd and have NOT already made alternate plans for traveling to the Stanford campus with Sherry, meet us at the San Francisco International Airport International Terminal between Gate A and Gate G in front of a little cafe called Emporio Rulli at 11:00 AM on August 3rd. Just look for the people holding the VIA and MED signs. You will go with the first group of students by charter bus to Stanford University (see below).

We have arranged charter buses to bring participants to the Stanford campus from SFO. The first bus will leave SFO at 1:30 PM, and the second bus will leave at 10:00 PM. Please note that it takes time to get through Customs & Immigrations, so if your flight arrives to SFO at 12:00 PM or later, you may have to wait for the 10:00 PM bus.


We are excited to learn more about you, and your medical school! If you have not started working on your presentations, please do so soon. The presentation file should be saved in a way that is accessible to you while you're here at Stanford. For example, you can save it on a USB stick, or you can email it to yourself.


Wherever you go, go with all your heart -- Confucius