Walk a day in my tennis shoes

Karlee Swaney

History of tennis shoes

In the 18th century people wore tennis shoes called plimsolls. They looked nothing like our tennis shoes today. They had a rubber sole. They were originally made for just sports, then people started wearing them as a fashion statement. People wore them in a good bit of different places around the world, but tennis shoes went international in the year of 1924. They were many brands of tennis shoes was Nike. Nike's first line of tennis shoes came out in the year of 1972 and were called "moon shoes"
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All about Paula Radcliffe

Paula Radcliffe is a professional runner. She is the current woman record holder in the marathon with her time of 2 hours and 15 minutes and 25 seconds. Paula has had many struggles in being a professional runner because she is an asthma sufferer. She has also had a broken foot and she had to pull out of a marathon which was probably very hard on her career in recovering from this injury. Paula has dedicated most of her life in training to be where she is in her career on running. She has been training day after day for years to be able to be a runner. She is an amazing person and athlete.
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My personal connection with tennis shoes

I am a totally different person when I am in tennis shoes. I mostly only wear tennis shoes when I am playing volleyball and I am focused on trying to achieve my goal in winning a game. Paula, I think, is the same way when she is in tennis shoes, she is solely focused on her goal in winning a marathon. We would probably not be able to do what we love if we didn't have tennis shoes. Tennis shoes are a big part of any sport.