By:Drake Bub

Typing Web

1. Typing web helps you type better in your future like if you are working with lots of technology you might have to type.

2. Typing web helps you if you have a hard time with capitalization.

3.typing is really important in your life to type up assignment in you high school or college


1. itrailer is a good way to tell thin s that you did in you life to share your interesting things that you did.

2.You can always look back at you itrailer when your 30 you can remember what you did with your family.

3.You can also take picture and put them in imovie in then later in the year you can remember what you did with your friend.

Career Locker

1.Our teacher help us with our feature and what we would want to be or what we would do when we grow up

2.We took some test and it gave you examples and what you are interested in.

3.It came up with good things that I would be interested in my feture

Haiku Deck

1.Haiku deck made me relive that i want to be a soccer player when I grow up.

2.The haiku deck project was on what we want to be in the future for our job in life

3.I really like haiku deck because it is really cool how you can add so many things about you

Explain Everything

1.In explain everything it helps you with a project to explain the project

2.we did a math project with explain everything it was fun in explain everything

3.It made it easy to under stand when our teacher told us how to do it. It is a great program to learn

Hour Of Code

1.We got a great experience of learning games in hour of code

2.The games that played were really fun and entertaining in our fun class

3.In hour of code their were really interesting gmaes

email etiquette helped me with typing etiquette helped me correct email helped me read emails better