Works Progress Adminstration (WPA)

Was established in 1935. Desolved in 1945

The leader of WPA was Harry L. Hopkins

Relief, Recovery, or Reform?

WPA was a Relief established by President FDR.

Fracklin Delano Roosvelt the founder of WPA.

The Purpose of this Organization

The the administration was established to create jobs for people. It established plans to create roads and public building projects for people to take part in. These we service projects. This provided paid labor for people without jobs.

The People WPA Helped

The main people that the WPA benefited was the people we were unemployed and desperate for a job. It also helped the African Americans with getting a job, because other places they wouldn't accept blacks.

The People It Did Not Help

It didn't help the people who were physically unfit and or unhealthy (sick.) People that were unable to work couldn't work for the WPA because the work seas sometimes dangerous and it was hard/heavy work.

Was It Successful?

Yes, it was. Many cities and park had a park, public buildings and roads. It provided eight million jobs for citizens. Over $13.4 million was spent on this organization.