Teddy Trustbuster

Eliminating the political powers of big businesses...FOREVER

WANTED: The Carnivorous Corporation

Deemed guilty on several counts of curbing labor unions, counting ballots, basic inhumanity, paying minimal wages to immigrants, exploiting consumers, smashing small businesses, and several other crimes. Was born at the turn of the industrial revolution, when large scale industry became a possibility. Has been known to carnivorously eat political ideals and human rights and replace them with the interests of big business.

SIDEKICK: The Unstandardizer- Ida Tarbell

Ida Tarbell's The History of the Standard Oil Company, published in 1904, exposed the unfair practices of the Standard Oil Company. This big monopoly would later be busted.

BREAKING NEWS: Teddy Trustbuster Trumps the Carnivorous Corporation

Using the old 1890 Sherman Antitrust Act, and a sympathetic Supreme Court, Teddy Trustbuster managed to end the reign of the Carnivorous Corporation, starting at the top with JP Morgan. Northern Securities Railroad Company (owned by JP Morgan) was the first in a long line of monopolies to fall. Teddy Trustbuster even began to mediate strikes to serve public interest. The age of the Carnivorous Corporation has ended, ushering in an era of civil rights, humane working conditions, and competitive business.

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