The North Carolina Colony

By: Cole Smith


Did you ever wonder what the North Carolina Colony was like. Have you ever heard of Andrew Jackson you can read my article to learn more about him. Did you know the North Carolina colony was the poorest state with in the Thirteen Colony's! Did you know North Carolina led all the states in Tobacco Farming , read my article to learn about the Farming in North Carolina. If you want to know more about the North Carolina Colony read on!

Important people and Events

Charles griffin played a important role in North Carolina, for the kids at least. Also North Carolina had one of the toughest pirates of all time. Read on to learn about him. James Polk was born in Pineville , NC near Charlotte. He was President in 1845-1849. Before James Polk there was the seventh president Andrew Jackson. We do not know where he studied in North Carolina. But we know he studied in North Carolina to become President. He was President in 1829-1837.Charles Griffin opened one of the best schools in the North Eastern part of the colony [1705]. A few other not so good schools were made until 1760`s when many other schools and academy's were opened that were really nice. For example Tate's in Wilmington , opened in 1760. Do you know famous Blackbeard pirate from North Carolina? I'll tell you his last words and about his last fight. He was about to kill his worst enemy captain Maynard he killed and slit to get to Maynard , suddenly out of nowhere a "AHHH" a British soldier slit his throat open. Maynard and his crew won. But captain Blackbeard was very important to the North Carolina Colony he saved lives from the British. His last words were " I will die for independence".

Good Things That Helped The North Carolina Colony

Throughout the 1760s most North Carolinains lived on farms or countrysides. With 110,000 people, North Carolina was average in population among the Thirteen Colony's as of 1760. In 1767 Gouvner Tyron Williams invited a mapper named Sauthier to come to North Carolina , Tyron wanted to map out towns and ports that had stragic potential in case of War!l after that , Lacrosse developed from a rough game called "little brother to war". Wooden goal post were set up on opposite sides. Then using sticks with a leather web at the end , each team tried to send the deerskin ball through the other teams goal post. There were a lot other games but those were the two most popular , adult games.

Facts About Farming

North Carolina was one of the best farming colony's , although the people were really poor. The cotton crop remained static during 1760 with 145,514 bales. The Carolinians worked hard but not as hard as the gods expected. Indigo a plant grown for its bluish purplish dye and the rice crop became principle crops not wine , silk or olive oil. The Colony became dry with crops but eventually King George III brought the Colony back up to its feet. Did you know 75% of North Carolinians relied on farming products such as bacon, eggs,milk wool for clothing and one of the most important one horseback for transportation. Cotton , rice , and tobacco were North Carolina's best growing crops.As you can see farming was needed a ton, a lot of people relyed on farming back in Colonial times.


I hoped you learned a lot about the North Carolina Colony! Do you know more now? Hope so! In the first paragraph I talked about very important people. The second paragraph I talked about good things that happened to the North Carolina Colony. Finally , in the last paragraph I talked about how important farming was. The Thirteen Colonies were the start of where you live now you had to do a ton of work to survive. Hoped you learned!

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; a school that provides training in special subjects

Governor; A person who is the leader of the Goverment of a state

Tobacco; a plant that produces leaves which are smoked in cigaretts


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