Julian Newman Highlights

February 8th-12th

Dates to Remember...

February 8th-12th- Book Fair

February 10th- Grandparents Day in the Book Fair

February 15th- Holiday No School

Special Visitor

Matt Huggins, Assistant District Attorney for Limestone County, made a special visit to Mrs. Collins third grade classroom last week to explain how the court system works. The class plans to use the information as they prepare to undergo a mock trail within the classroom.

JNES Newscast

JNES NEWS 2/8-12

Friday, February 12th

Students may bring Valentine cards to exchange with their classmates on Friday. There will be a special afternoon snack provided in the classroom, but no Valentine Party.

Sight Savers

KidCheck Plus partners with schools to offer a FREE comprehensive screening to school age children. Screening results will include your child's vision, dental, and overall health. Your child's information is confidential and will not be published. All students will be screened unless a parent chooses to opt out of the screening. If you have any questions, you may contact Laurie Carey, KidCheck Plus Program manager @ 205-942-2627 Ext.206.