Life at the Turn of the Century

By: Micaela Lovingood

Changes During the 20th Century

There were several changes in the lives of Americans at the turn of the twentieth century. There were new technological advances, skyscrapers, transportation such as el-trains and subways, new forms of mass entertainment, advanced photography,automobiles made on assembly lines, airplanes(First in Flight),elevators, etc.. If citizens could afford things life was easier for most of America. Education was also expanding, and since the civil war several African Americans pursued higher education, leading to African American universities. There was a lot of segregation going on because of the Jim Crow laws at the time as well and in result of that there was violence. Life for "whites" were much easier than it was for African Americans. So much went on during this time leading to our society today.

Forms of Discrimination

Plessy V. Ferguson: Plessy, who happened to be a light-skin man was attempting to sit in a railroad car for all whites. He refused to sit in a black railroad car and he was arrested. Plessy was found guilty for violating the Louisiana statute stating "separate but equal".

Lynching: Killing a person for an offense with or without a legal trial, usually by hanging.

Wilmington Race Riots: Democratic party leaders were holding a long range campaign strategy to gain political control of Wilmington again but they lost to black republicans, and in result of that there was a huge riot because the democrats sought revenge.

W.E.B DuBois vs. Booker T. Washington: Each black leader had their own philosophies. Both of them disagreed with eachother strongly an strategies for black economic and social progress. Washington believed in self-help while DuBois said otherwise, he believed it should be accomplished increasing their knowledge.

Ida B. Wells: Wells was a journalist/activist that led an anti-lynching crusade in the 1890's.