Pediatric Nurse

By: Karlie Pruitt

Job Description

A pediatric nurse deals with infants, children, and adolescents suffering from illnesses and other health issues. They have to understand how the medical care of a child changes as they grow and mature. The main responsibility of a pediatric nurse is to assess the needs and condition of the patient. They administer drugs and injections, preparing children for surgery, informing the family and patient of their condition, and so much more. Pediatric nurses can work at any hospital or a children's doctor's office.
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To be a pediatric nurse you must have the following,

- An associates degree at minimum

- You also must have your state nursing exam and pass the NCLEX exam.

Colleges That Offer Degrees Needed

Any college you go to you can receive your associates degree but here are some around us.

-Rockingham Community College

-East Carolina University

-University of North Carolina

-Appalachian State University

-North Carolina State University

and many more.


An average salary of a pediatric nurse is $68,910. It could potentially raise or lower according to your rank and place of work.

Increase in Pediatric Nurse Positions

There is a predicted 19% job growth in registered pediatric nurses.
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