4th-District Congressman

Kanye West

Caring. Compassionate. Honest. Kanye.

Vote for an independent who cares about the issues facing our nation today: Crippling Education system, Infrastructure, and a growing inequality between social classes. Vote for a man who will represent the values the grand majority and not just one party. A vote For Corey C. Ebert is a vote to keep the special interest out of our politics as well.

Let Kanye West be his Kanye Best

We need to return our educational system around. Too often too many children are left behind in this system. Another issue is our roads and buildings. There are too many abandoned buildings for the ratio of homeless people. Our roads should represent that of our country and not a third world nation. Our nation is too great to let such a few amount of people control it. We must keep special interest out of politics

Kanye speaks for all the people, not just a select few

We can all be our kanye Best

More about Kanye

Kanye grew up in a small house in southern Indiana. Sometimes growing up necessities became a struggle. Kanye wants to assure no one has to endure that if possible. Our district and State is Kanye's interest, not special interest or anyone else's.

Come canvass for Kanye

Every campaign that listens to its voters, needs help from its voters to keep going. There will be phone banking and canvassing at your the local Town Hall.

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