Bilaal Rajan

By: Andrea Vindiola

Born : September 7, 1996 Where : Toronto, Canada

The underage overachiever began is passion to help since the small age of four. His story begins when his parents were reading about a tragic earthquake in Gujarat, India in which they informed his that there local priest had died being stuck in the rubble. Bilaal wanted to help and came up with the idea to sell clementine oranges since he happened to be eating one when his parents told him the news. $350 was the amount Bilaal was able to raise for funds that he would give to those in Gujarat.

"It was amazing to see that these kids, no matter what the circumstance they were in, made most of life..."

"I am no more gifterd or capable that you are"

What has he done to help ?

  • January 2001 ( age 4 ) : raised $350 for the victims of Gujarat, India
  • May 2001 ( age 4 ) : took part in his first World Partnership Walk and raised over $1000
  • May 2002 ( age 5 ) : took part in the World Partnership Walk and raised over $1000
  • 2002 ( age 5 ) : participated in the MS Read-a-Thon
  • 2002 ( age 5 ) : participated in the Terry Fox Walk-a-Thon
  • 2002 ( age 5) : created UNICEF awareness campaigns and collection boxes
  • 2003 ( age 6 ) : participated in the World Partnership Walk and raised over $5000
  • 2003 ( age 6 ) :UNICEF Awareness Campaigns and collection boxes
  • 2003 ( age 6 ) : UNICEF Trick-or-Treat campaign
  • 2003 ( age 6 ) : participated in the cookie sale to benefit UNICEF
  • 2004 ( age 7 ) : Arranged for donation of goods with value of over half a million dollars for Hurricane Haiti victims
  • 2004 ( age 7 ) : participated in the World Partnership Walk and raised over $5000
  • 2004 (age 7 ) : raise $6000 to build a school in Haiti

And many, many more activities in which he has raised millions to help people in need.

What else has he done (click here!)

A timeline of what Bilaal Rajan did from 2001 to 2008.

A True Hero and a Big Change

A hero is someone who is caring, and enjoys helping others out of the goodness of there heart. In my opinion, Bilaal is a perfect example of a hero and should be recognized as one. Many already do but it would have a much greater affect if many more knew about what he does. He recognized the need to help and wanted to do it since the young age of 4. Since then it has been his true passion. Helping, raising money and socializing with the people he helps is what he loves to do most and he would love to continue doing it for as long as he can. It is clear to see that Bilaal has affected the life of many children and there families in a positive way. Many did not believe in his power to help but he has proved them wrong and won them over gaining the respect and help of many who have joined his team. Millions and millions of dollars have been raised to help. He has become an inspiration and role model for many that want to do the same.