Third Grade News

Mrs. Resendes' Class

Week in Review

We had another great week in third grade!

In Math, we are wrapping up our unit on using graphs to organize and understand data.

Our first spelling pretest was on Monday, and any students who spell all words correctly on the pretest is exempt from retaking the test on Friday and the 100 goes into the gradebook and they are welcome to work on individual challenge words. Otherwise, the pretest is unscored and is used to identify which words will be each student's focus words for the week. For these students, the Friday test is the grade which goes into the gradebook. All students have received a copy of the words for the first five weeks.

In Science, we completed a couple of hands-on activities this week, including an observation lab in the gardens just outside our classroom and a lima bean lab in which we will be observing and recording how gravity can affect the growth of plant roots.

In Social Studies, students have been introduced to our first cultural unit on the Seminoles and Early Americans.

We love third grade!

Coming Up...

We will be traveling back in time to the mid-1800s as we begin learning about the cultures of the Seminoles and Early Americans. This is an integrated unit and we will also be learning about the Everglades and changes over time due to human impact, such as population growth and development. Geography, cultures, animal habitats, and ways of life will be interwoven throughout this unit.

In Math, we will be working on addition and subtraction within 1,000, rounding, and estimating. In third grade, students must master rounding to nearest ten or hundred, and this can be a challenging concept for many students. We will have many opportunities for practice and review. Your child also has access to Compass from home, which has mini-lessons and practice available as well.