perseverance and adversity

By Shatina Clemons


Oprah's mother and farther separated when she was a child so her grandmother took her in when she got older she eventually moved in with her mother but during that time she was abused and also raped at age nine


Oprah preserved and is now one of the richest and most powerful Pearson in America she also has her own show and helped create other show like D.Phil. and Rachel Ray Oprah has even started her own production company like oxygen and Own


Ray Charles witnessed the tragic drowning of his younger brother soon after Charles began to lose his sight at the age of seven Ray also struggled with a heroin problem and was soon arrested for it he also suffered from a liver disease


even after becoming blind ray learned how to play four more instruments. He released 60 albums and played in more than 10,000 concerts. Charles finally got ride of his drug addiction.

“I can't retire from music any more than I can retire from my liver. You'd have to remove the music from me surgically—like you were taking out my appendix.”