VCR Lesson 4 Presentation

Jarek Ma

Fill the Blank with the Appropriate Word from Lesson 3

The Spanish galleons were very ____________ as it meticulously pursued the fleeing skiff, lagging farther behind by the minute.
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ponderous (adj.)

1. Extremely heavy; massive

2. Unwieldy or awkward

3. Dull or tedious


pendo, pendere (L.) - to cause to hang down

pondero, ponderare (L.) - to weigh


  • bulky
  • lumbering
  • hefty
  • burdensome
  • elephantine


  • dexterous
  • graceful
  • thin
  • convenient
  • delicate

Origin of Term

  • emerged 1375 - 1425
  • From Latin, modified through Middle French, present-day form from Middle English

Choose the Letter in which the Sentence uses the Term Incorrectly

A) The ponderous Titanic, traveling too quickly, was not able to avert itself from the iceberg in time.

B) The ponderous philosopher considered the meaning of life.

C) Two-handed weapons are not used often due to their ponderous appearance to the untrained person.

D) The swaying bridge made walking over it a ponderous effort.

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The correct answer is B. Ponderous does not have a similar meaning as pondered or to think.