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Homeowners and businesses want to create a classic ambiance around them in this transforming world. You may boost the beauty of the interior by using Coppersmith Lanterns to their properties. These lighting fixtures provide several appealing textures that cannot match with the standard lighting.

• An antique finish provides an elegant twang no matter where the fixture is located.

• The design is flexible and made of different styles of glass which allows the customer to customize their lanterns.

• They want low maintenance and cleaning is all that is needed.

French Quarter Lanterns with Everlasting Appeal

French Quarter Lanterns are an undeniable classic. This timeless style is the standard-bearer of lighting in the U.S. Just as French Quarter Lanterns is New Orleans’s best known and created in such style have older roots and strong reputation. These handcrafted lanterns remain the popular choice for both indoor and outdoor décor. The beautiful, elegant, and functional French Quarter Lanterns can give the style of New Orleans feel wherever you are installed.

Find the Wonderful Style of French Quarter Lanterns

It is a popular and timeless choice; there is quite a range of styles available to choose from. The following is the introduction below of the major styles of French Quarter Lanterns.

Six-Sided: These lanterns have two additional sides to create a hexagonal formation of six sides.

Post-Mount: A post mount is a type of lantern that can be mounted on a free-standing post. This can be applied to any style of the lantern.

Bracket Mount: It is just like a post-mount that refers to the way it has been fitted to the mount. It is fixed to the side of the vertical wall.

Hanging Lantern: The final option to placement is hanging the lantern rather than mounting and bracketing the lantern.

Features and Benefits of Coppersmith Lanterns

• Coppersmith Lanterns and fixtures are designed to provide a lifetime service with classic appeal and lighting elegance.

• They combine classic design with solid copper construction for superior structural integrity.

• Mounts and accessories are painted with a durable and high-quality coat finish that is corrosion resistant.

• All copper fixtures include a lifetime warranty.

• Even in a harsh environment copper does not corrode and degrade.

• It can easily expand and contract with high temperatures long-lasting all weather conditions.

• As copper stabilizes it ages looking better over time.

• It gives an antique finish and provides a stylish enunciation.

• Cooper lanterns require low maintenance.

At Gulf Coast Lanterns, we deliver the best service to our clients. Recently, we added a new collection of lanterns exclusively designed by the coppersmith lanterns. With over 35 years of experience, our specialists are completely trained to help in selecting the perfect lantern for your home.

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