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Digital Teaching and Learning @PCHS │ February 13, 2017

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Digital Learning Best Practices

Digital Learning Best Practices. That’s a pretty broad topic and can revolve around many aspects of the digital learning environment like teaching, materials, infrastructure, and professional development. For teachers, the focus should be on what do we want students to know and be able to do and how do digital tools help facilitate that. The tools we use exist to support us in instruction and are not the end in themselves. Still, this is a new path for many of us and the question may remain, what are digital learning best practices?

When considering digital teaching and learning best practices, you might want to ask:

  • What’s the right tool?
  • What’s the purpose or goal of this digital assignment?
  • What’s the purpose of this tool?
  • Am I including the 4 C’s: Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking
  • Do my objectives include 21st Century Skills
  • Am I ensuring the privacy of my students
  • Did I preview the content
  • What about accessibility? Have I looked at the options for this assignment?
  • What options for differentiation have I included?

There is a digital solution to meet your needs, have you discovered it?

See the “Digital Tool Checklist” in our Google Drive folder for guidance in choosing a tool.

See our Google Drive folder for the complete post and references.

Remember, if you’re using a tool that requires students to create an account (even if it’s free), please let me know what you’re using. This applies to clubs and sports, too.