SMG Staff Weekly Bulletin

September 8-11

Christ in Light

Lord Jesus, as I enter this workplace, I bring Your presence with me. May I speak Your peace and grace to everyone with whom I interact today and this week. I acknowledge Your lordship over all that will be said and done today.


Upcoming Events



5th grade 3:30 (Reschedule)


4th Grade 8:05

8th Grade 12:40


6th Grade 8:45

2nd Grade 10:30

3rd Grade 3:30


7th Grade 2:05

Kinder 3:30


1st Grade 3:30


Tuesday, September 8

6:30 - Home and School Board Meeting (Art Room)

6:30 - KK & DD Meeting

Wednesday, September 9

6:30 - Science Fair Meeting (Cafetorium)

Thursday, September 10

Volleyball games begin


I will be sending out a parent reminder about IOWA and Progress Reports, but it always helps to come directly from teacher.

  1. Please send parents an email reminding them that we will not be sending home paper copies of progress reports, but grades may be viewed on through the parent portal.
  2. Let parents know if their child is failing and set up parent conferences to discuss possible ways to help student improve. Let Deborah and I know if you would like us to join you for ant conferences.
  3. Remind parents that IOWA will begin next Monday, September 14-18.



Speaker for 6th-8th Grades (Time TBA)

Christopher Suprun responded to the attack on the Pentagon on 9/11 and speaks to students about lessons from that day translate directly into their lives in terms of being successful and overcoming adversity. He uses lessons on family, team work, accountability, and completing assigned tasks to drive home points not only about fourteen years ago, but also that relate to their school lives. Mr. Suprun is a Dallas resident currently and also responded to Hurricane Katrina and the Berrendo Middle School shooting. He currently works as a flight paramedic and EMS educator and is also a 4th degree Sir Knight at his home parish, St. Mary the Virgin, up the street from your school and church.


Delivery of Child Safety Kits

Dan Thomson, Program Coordinator for has offered to provide each student with a Child Safety Kit. His organization helps to donate free child safety kits to schools, churches, and day care centers. He would like to donate these complimentary Child Safety Kits to the families whose children attend your school. There is absolutely no cost the families. Typically they have a local dentist, pediatrician or other community-minded business sponsor the cost of the kits, but for SMG school, there will be absolutely no cost at all.

The child safety kits include the following items:

-A fingerprint chart with a safe, non-toxic ink strip

- Two Safe Shoes Child ID labels

- Two pages of comprehensive safety tips

- A chart to denote any unique physical features

- Forms for parents to document their child’s personal and medical information including their birth date, height, weight, hair and eye color, blood type, allergies and medications

- A dental chart for primary and secondary teeth.

- Instructions for obtaining a DNA hair sample with a heavy gauge storage bag

The Child Safety Kits that are provided to are widely considered to be the highest quality Child Safety Kits that are available in the United States. These kits are presently used by thousands of law enforcement and government agencies throughout the country, including the NYPD, the US National Coast Guard, and the Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigation. The Child Safety Kits allow parents to record important information about their child and provide potentially life-saving talking points, which foster meaningful safety discussions between parents and children.


North Texas Giving Day

Please prayerfully consider helping us reach "100% Giving" from faculty and staff to show our support for our school. Donations of any kind (even $.01) would greatly be appreciated and would really speak volumes in regards to our support of our own Saint Maria Goretti Catholic School. Nancy Benson and the office staff have put loads of time and passion into promoting the school as we have been averaging one new family per week. As difficult as it is for many of us, it would be greatly appreciated if we could show our support as Nancy continues to apply for grants and contacts donors to financially support Saint Maria Goretti.

Trying New Things


Thank you to Deanna and Amy for providing training for our teachers on Friday! I've heard wonderful take-home comments! I've even received requests for ongoing sessions to help with implementation. More information to come!


Below are specific topics and ideas that have been brought to my attention throughout the past week from other staff members and parents. Please feel free to continue emailing, texting or calling me if you see any great things happening on campus. I love how everyone is so so supportive of one another! I thought I'd share what others are sharing with me so you all would in-turn be able to help share with parents, students, and community the wonderful things that are happening around campus.

Mrs. McNulty and Mrs. White are embarking on their journey through researching and piloting parts of a new program to their classrooms known as "Daily Five." Both teachers spent a full day last week observing other classrooms which confirmed their idea of wanting to implement "Daily Five" practices.

The fourth grade team is currently researching and will be implementing outdoor investigations on our own SMG campus!

Mrs. Pfaff and Mrs. Bishop have been working with the reflector app using the iPad and new "justand" as a tool to help with modeling written work with ease. More information and a presentation to come after working out the kinks.

Mr. Sulak and the eighth graders have cut a CD with lyrics and music to a fight song for SMG to be used at games and events. More information coming soon! Mr. Sulak and the students feel this would be an important piece to add to the student life and community of SMG.

Student perspective is expressed in various ways as the gallery walk begins in the West Wing. Mrs. Abbott has used the interactive windows as a tool for different writing and reflection assignments.

Mrs. Watson has been sharing her teaching time with Father Mike as he works his way through the classroom reinforcing math concepts!

Mrs. Cottingham led the NJHS students through a successful and very popular popsicle sale! True example of student ideas coming to life!


Thank you to all for bringing your love and attention to even our most difficult situations, students, and families. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to witness such wonderful support for one another among the staff. SMG is truly an amazing place to learn and grow spiritually and professionally.

God, lead me today. May I serve You as I work. Thank You for the opportunity to do this job. May I do it for You, as a labor of love.