Mrs. Goldman's Classroom

Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Algebra, and Transition Math Classes

Common Core State Standards (Algebra and Geometry Courses)

The students in Algebra and Geometry are expected to complete the rigorous demands of the Common Core State standards. Higher level thinking is taught while solving complex problems. Students will be able to explain their thinking throughout the course as well as model problems in multiple ways. Algebra students will take the Common Core Exam in the first week of June. Geometry students will be assessed by the NYS Regents Exam in the end of June.

Pre-Algebra is a course designed to support the complexity of the Algebra course. Concepts will be reviewed from previous coursework as well as provide a strong foundation for the skills that will be expected in the higher level Algebra course.

Transition math is a course that is meant for a student in between math courses, a student who has completed Regents level courses, or a student who needs an extra math credit. Students will be continuing to develop foundational math skills as well as application in real world situations.

Algebra (Period 1), Transition Math (Period 2), Geometry (Periods 3 and 4), and Pre-Algebra (Period 7)