Sirmans' Statements

January Language Arts newsletter


January has been a busy month, as we've been completing midyear reading assessments to track our progress in comprehension and reading level. We have also completed a midyear writing assessment that we'll be comparing to our beginning of the year assessment to note our progress and set goals.

Tiger Tales.... One book..... One Community

Click here to find out about the book that our school community is reading. We are very excited about this opportunity!

Georgia Milestones

Useful information from the Georgia Department of Education website

A portion of the English Language Arts test as well as the Mathematics test includes constructed response questions.

Constructed response:

• Includes a question, problem, or statement but no answer choices.

• Students have to write out their answers in a paragraph or work out a problem.

•They must read the question carefully and think about what they are asked to do.

• In English Language Arts (ELA), students must go back to the passage to look for details

and information.

• They will be scored on accuracy and how well they support their answers with evidence from the text.

Helpful links:

Georgia Milestones Information

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